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12 May 2007

Radio Mecha - Music Box: Twelve Minutes Here I am, on the Radio Mecha, playing songs that are at least twelve minutes long. Some will be longer. Mostly jazz, but I'll probably mix it up a little--turntablism, Afrobeat, who knows what else. Please listen, if you're so inclined.
Twelve minutes leaves plenty of time to announce the songs.

Swans - Money is Flesh
William Parker and Hamid Drake - First Communion I
Tabla Beat Science - Taaruf
posted by box 12 May | 22:09
I've got all night; might as well use it up 12 minutes at a time.
posted by wendell 12 May | 22:48
Cecil Taylor and Mary Lou Williams - Ayizan
Cecil Taylor - Conquistador
Thelonious Monk - Four in One

Ooh, hiya, wendell. How's your night? Any sufficiently-vague suggestions (not requests--that'd be illegal) for something you'd like to hear for at least twelve minutes?
posted by box 12 May | 22:56
I don't have much in the way of favorite songs over 10 minutes long... I did once play EL&P's "Karn Evil 9" in its entirety on the MeCha radio - not recommended. When I was a broadcast DJ a million years ago, I worked at a "Middle of the Road" station where Richard Harris' "MacArthur Park" was the longest record you could play for a "bathroom break". And, of course, everyone in the audience knew it was a "bathroom break" when you played it. Good times.
posted by wendell 12 May | 23:06
Now, the guy who does Hearts of Space on NPR--that's a plush gig. Half of those songs are twelve minutes long.

Freddie Hubbard - Straight Life
posted by box 12 May | 23:12
I can't name one song longer than 12 minutes... but iTunes tells me I own a handful of them.
posted by rhapsodie 12 May | 23:14
Besides some speeches, interviews and DJ mixes, some of which are crazy long, the longest song I have is 53 minutes. It's avant-garde jazz, played by harpist Zeena Perkins, percussionist William Hooker and guitarist Lee Ranaldo. It's called 'Stamina.'
posted by box 12 May | 23:22
It certainly is.
posted by wendell 12 May | 23:27
You don't know how right you are.

Grant Green - Nomad
posted by box 12 May | 23:37
Max Roach - Nommo
posted by box 12 May | 23:42
I was gonna comment that drum solos are the cheapest way possible to stretch out a song over 12 minutes... but that's Buddy Rich, dammit!!!
posted by wendell 12 May | 23:58
Drum battles might be my favorite kind of musician battle.

Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich - Bernie's Tune
posted by box 12 May | 23:59
Tony Allen - Hustler
posted by box 13 May | 00:15
John Doe (1200 Hobos, not X) - Analyze This
posted by box 13 May | 00:22
DJ Shadow - I Can't Go For That
posted by box 13 May | 00:33
okay, now you're getting silly... and I like it!
posted by wendell 13 May | 00:48
Fourteen songs, well over 3 hours, and this is the last one. Thanks for listening, and I hope you enjoyed it.

The Platters - Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight
posted by box 13 May | 00:49
I'd give you a standing ovation, but I'm laying down with my laptop on my stomach.
posted by wendell 13 May | 00:55
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