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12 May 2007

So, I drove over to my ex-husband's this morning ... [More:]After the aggravation of last weekend, I packed up the car early this morning with the things that were portable (tools, a couple of small cabinets, some personal stuff) and drove over to my ex-husband's. I got there at about 8.30. His car wasn't there, but after banging at the door for a couple of minutes he answered, looking very bleary-eyed.

We carted the stuff in, he made some coffee and we had a chat for an hour or so.

Sure enough, last weekend he was in the pub watching football and, although he knew he'd promised to come over to collect his stuff, it never once occurred to him to give me a call.

He looks ill. He's one of nature's whippets, always very slender, but he is skin and bone. There are more tests to be done, but he looks terrible. I doubt he's eating well (left to his own devices, he'd eat nothing but KitKats) and his fridge was full of beer but not much else.

After looking round his living room, it was obvious that the furniture he wanted (two big dressers) won't fit anywhere, even though he thought they would. We agreed I could give them away. So I've printed off a couple of pictures of them and will head down to the charity shops in Chingford to see which one will collect them. They're really good quality pieces, and I know I can't be arsed to sell them myself, so I'd rather a charity benefitted from whatever they can sell them for.
I thought this was going to be a story about how you drove over him, not drove to him. I'm mildly disappointed, but otherwise glad you're resolving the problem. :)
posted by youngergirl44 12 May | 11:17
Me too youngergirl!

I wish essexjan could send those dressers to me on the slow boat. ;) I need all of the storage I can get. Jan, sorry to hear your husband isn't looking well. Good for you for hauling the stuff over to him.
posted by LoriFLA 12 May | 11:24
Make that me three, ladies!!
posted by phoenixc 12 May | 11:58
I wish I could send them to you, LoriFLA, they're really good pieces, and cost a lot of money when they were new. But they're his taste and a bit old-fashioned for me, although they're 'classic' and will always look good.
posted by essexjan 12 May | 12:31
I'm sure one of the shops will want them, then. Classic stuff is always in demand. Do you have craigslist in your area? That may even be worth a shot.
posted by kellydamnit 12 May | 13:35
a fridge full of beer and a failing liver are not good combinations.
posted by edgeways 12 May | 13:48
There's four large charity places nearby that sell furniture, kellydamnit, and I've left a couple of messages for people to call back. First one to collect can have 'em.
posted by essexjan 12 May | 13:54
It's nice of you to give them to charity. I gave away a very nice oak entertainment center (it was dated) to a local charity shop. We even hauled the giant thing to them. I probably could have got 200 bucks or more for it, but I didn't want to deal with it. I give away too much stuff to AmVets and Catholic charities. I shop too much, and I don't have the gumption to list anything on Ebay or consignment shops.
posted by LoriFLA 12 May | 14:04
Sorry for your ex's troubles, ej, self-inflicted as they may be. You have a good heart. He's lucky to still have you as a friend.
posted by Pips 12 May | 21:37
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