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12 May 2007

Dinosaur Jr.'s new album is out [More:]Halfway through my first pass through it, I can report that it's pretty rockin'. What is it about this band that makes me feel like I'm on 19 years old again? Still one of my all time favorites.

FYI, I saw them on their first reunion tour a couple of summers ago at the outdoor venue at Central Park (which I recommend) and later in the year at Irving Plaza. Pretty incredible, I should say.
FYI, this latest album features, for the first time since 1988's Bug, Lou Barlow on bass (and sometimes vocals).
posted by psmealey 12 May | 07:57
Cool , thanks for the heads up.
posted by nola 12 May | 08:23
Here they are performing Almost Ready on the Late Late Show earlier this week.
posted by psmealey 12 May | 08:38
Tis a pretty good album, which is a relief as I wasn't sure what it'd just be a reunion cash-in. I'm more of a fan of later Dinosaur Jr. albums than the rawer, noisier earlier ones and I really liked Mascis's 'More Light' and "Free So Free" solo things. Never seen them live, but hopefully I will the next time they drop by the UK.
posted by TheDonF 12 May | 08:44
I didn't care much for the post-Lou Dinosaur Jr. stuff. Was a bit too much like J trying to fashion himself as a post-hardcore Neil Young. I actually preferred Sebadoh to the Dinosaur Jr of the period (though admittedly, Green Mind and Where You Been have some standout tracks, and Mike Johnson is a fine musician in his own right).

That said, Lou is an incredibly unique bass player, he drives the rhythm forward which adds some bite to a lot of the noodly stuff J does on guitar. He also adds such a nice bounce to the songwriting (as well as contributing songs of his own to them mix) and has a great live presence.
posted by psmealey 12 May | 08:52
They're playing on Thursday and I really hope I'll be able to get a ticket.
posted by cmonkey 12 May | 10:11
I really want to hear this... thanks for the review!
posted by BoringPostcards 12 May | 11:23
posted by puke & cry 12 May | 11:55
Cool. Looks like they still have that sound. I saw them back in the early nineties. Boy, were they loud. I think my ears are still ringing. I saw Sebadoh once completely by accident (anybody remember "Feet First" at Camden Palace?) and they were excellent as well.
posted by Otis 12 May | 13:14
So, I drove over to my ex-husband's this morning ... || Hello to the Metachatter I met at yesterday's Fridaycities London meetup