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12 May 2007

Mefi Music needs a change in color.
So we're all familiar with the titles Blue, Green, and Gray. Music, however, is just dark gray, which makes it even harder to refer to. Personally, I haven't found a good shortcut for the Music section yet, and I'm not fond of MeMu, MuFi, or just plain Music (it's too ambiguous).

Thus, I propose we demand a color change, preferably something easy to type. My suggestions: pink, red, teal (although this may already be assigned to Projects), fuscia, orange.
We could pretend that it's black.
posted by chrismear 12 May | 18:34
Color change issues aside, I've just been obstinately using capital-m Music on mefi, and "Metafilter Music" elsewhere.
posted by cortex 12 May | 18:49
I'm using the plaintext color scheme, so everything's black and white. It really enhances the Mefi experience, IMO.
posted by muddgirl 12 May | 19:30
It isn't black? I always think of the Queensr˙che lyric: "I peg the needles as I hit the black." And it's HiFi for short.
posted by Eideteker 12 May | 19:40
I suggest a white background. Ya know, so it looks professional.
posted by puke & cry 12 May | 21:39
I suggest putting puke & cry up against a white background then beating him until he's black and blue.

And Matt's wisdom in NOT expanding the MetaFilter color palate into the reds and browns was proven recently when the most ridiculed part of Fark's redesign was those "rainbow disconnection" "rooty tooty fresh and fruity" multi-colored tabs. They are pretty obnoxious looking, which means they are much better suited for a site like Fark, yet even the Farkers do not like them. Still, I doubt that it would be good for sections of MeFi to become known as "the brown" (intellectual property of UPS?) or "the maroon" (too close to 'moron') or "the crimson", "the scarlet", "the puce", "the rust" or "the umber".
posted by wendell 12 May | 22:46
I always thought HiFi was synonymous with the front page (that is, HiFi vs. LoFi).

But if that's not the case, put me in the HiFi camp.

wendell -- Eh, aesthetics schmaesthetics. It doesn't necessarily have to look good. Function over form is the goal here. You're right, though, a red or pink HiFi would probably look atrocious.
posted by spiderskull 12 May | 22:53
White is already taken by Jobs.
posted by IndigoRain 12 May | 23:45
I can hear the colors, man.
posted by danostuporstar 14 May | 10:09
Eurovision recap || I have pictures!