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10 May 2007

Sucky day 3-point status report. [More:]
1.After my Unit Manager went into raptures over my new glasses, she then said " ... and of course, the next thing you need to do something about is your hair, it's a complete mess. After all, you're no spring chicken and there comes a time in a woman's life when long hair just doesn't work any more ..."

This woman is the Queen of Unsolicited and Unwanted Advice About Everything, and I am pretty thick skinned, but a more sensitive person might well have run, sobbing, to HR. Plus, I do agree that my hair is a mess right now and ready for an Extreme Makeover before I hit NYC.

But I could have done without her booming this out around the office.

2. I had to speak to my bank this afternoon and, after answering their questions about my full name, date and place of birth, address, post code and phone number I was told I'd failed the validation. "HOW have I failed it? I KNOW where I live, I KNOW my name, I KNOW when and where I was born." But she just kept saying she couldn't talk to me and that I'll have to go into the branch with ID. Gah!

3. Worst of all, when I got home there was a letter waiting for me from my cousin, saying that his computer crashed, losing my phone number and email, hence the letter. The health of my darling Auntie, who's 91, is deteriorating rapidly. She's my mother's oldest sister, and when I was a kid, during the school holidays she gave me a safe haven at her house in Manchester. I have a few days off soon, and hope to visit her, probably for the last time. She's 250 miles away.
Oh, Jan, I'm so sorry to hear about your lousy day. I wish I could say something witty or post a great picture for you, but I'm limited in those departments. Bless your aunt - 91 is a great age! But losing loved ones sucks big time no matter what age they are. And banks suck! Too bad you can't turn the tables on your Unit Manager. Something like, "You know, that skirt really looks nice on you, so now you really need to do something about those shoes. Dowdy, you see. A woman your age shouldn't dress like an old Italian widow." Or something.
posted by redvixen 10 May | 12:17
Good luck Essexjean!

1) Our cat Rusty has cardiac Myothopy(sp?), he's at high risk to die for a heart attack. It's especially sad for us because he was my wife's first cat and our friendliest.

2) I went to my lung doctor today and he reiterated that I have to lose weight.

3) The DMV was closed when I went to get the title switched over on my van.
posted by drezdn 10 May | 12:25
(((((hugs jan)))))
posted by tr33hggr 10 May | 12:47
*kicks essexjan's Unit Manager in the shin*

1) I was soooooo sleepy at work today, I hid in one of the empty cubicles and dozed off for three hours, thereby bringing down my average talk time and no. of calls. Gah!

2) I think my Manager saw me indicating to a coworker how the meeting that we'd just had was so-so (since we didn't have one), and just when he'd come out, one of the said co-workers had asked me how my work is going, and I wasn't going to rave about it exactly, so lord knows what he thinks.

3) I read essexjan and Gracie's posts and now want to give them a great big hug.
posted by hadjiboy 10 May | 12:54
1) My boss is such a snarkypants that even tech support guy noticed it.
2) I'm worried that I'm being too whingey.
3) *hugs for Jan* I am sure you're beeyootiful!
posted by By the Grace of God 10 May | 12:55
1. I got "dumped" by someone I wasn't even dating.

2. I was halfway to the train station before I realized the developing headache was due to my glasses being on my nightstand, at home.

3. somehow I managed to get a bug bite right in the clevage-area. It itches like crazy, but I can't exactly sit at my desk scratching my chest.

And Jan, kick the manager in the shins. No such thing as too old for long hair. Bet she's jealous you're still workin it while she chopped hers off to conform to some outdated standard her grandmother most likely told her about.
posted by kellydamnit 10 May | 13:49
1) The floaters in my eyes are getting worse and I'm only 28! I blame the confocal microscope with all it's lasery goodness.

2) Spent all day working on figures for a poster session coming up.

3) Wish I had a sugar daddy to buy me the reg set and little things I want for my scuba kit.
posted by LunaticFringe 10 May | 14:29
(I don't get this notion that long hair is only for young women. I've heard it my whole life, too, but it strikes me as absurd. Me, I wear my hair short because it looks better that way, but lots of friends older than I have gorgeous long locks, and no one is telling them they're due for a bob.

No one who doesn't want a kick in the shins, anyway.)
posted by Elsa 10 May | 15:19
1. Ugh, cramps.
2. Mudd-Dude has a bad cold, which means I'm gonna get a bad cold.
3. The ACL music festival line-up was announced today, and it only features 1 band from my wishlist.
posted by muddgirl 10 May | 15:35
drezdn, so sorry to hear about Rusty. I have had a very similar situation this year so I understand what you're going through.
posted by initapplette 10 May | 15:52
I tripped on the porch, broke my favorite ashtray and cut my left foot on the shards.
posted by jonmc 10 May | 15:59
1. I can't stop thinking of Madeleine McCann and her family. I heard the story on BBC Radio early yesterday morning. It's gut-wrenchingly sad.
posted by LoriFLA 10 May | 17:25
1. One of my favorite bands is performing in SF on Saturday but I fear that my ex will be there with all her friends. I really want to go, but don't want to deal with the awkward. Ugh.

2. Fucking end of the semester madness is really taking it out of me.

3. I have heartburn and the antacids aren't helping.
posted by Luminous Phenomena 10 May | 18:46
*hugs ej*

The super told me he would have to break a huge hole in my wall to fix the problem with the hot water in the office bathroom.

I have a raging uti.

I haven't been to the gym in two weeks.
posted by brujita 10 May | 23:37
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