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10 May 2007

Presigned After Dark by Haruki Murakami at The Strand! Hey I remember a few threads where I noticed people were fans of Murakami. The American printing of After Dark came out a few days ago and The Strand bookstore has signed copies! [More:]

It's not on the website, but my friend alerted me to this when he was at the store and I just went this morning to pick up my copies.

They are selling for $17.21 (hardcover only). Not only do they have his signature, but they have the official stamp. I got a bunny and eggplants in my copies.

If you are in New York, call The Strand at 212-473-1452 and transfer to the 3rd floor rare books department (sorry I had to play phone tag to get there so I don't know the direct number). Ask to put the books (minimum 2 for some reason) on hold and you have to pick them up during the rare book section hours. 9:30am-6:20pm (sometimes they close at 6 and they are on the 3rd floor - you can only get there by elevator)

If you are outsite New York, call The Strand and connect to e-mail orders which is x160.

Good luck and I hope you're able to get a copy!
um, this seemed a bit weird to me, from a new user, and I briefly removed the post, but upon reading it again, it seems okay.

If anyone has an objection, though, we will certainly entertain it.
posted by taz 10 May | 11:07
I do wish spec80 had mentioned if he/she'd been lurking awhile... it seems a little spammy otherwise. (Although I see there HAS been a discussion about this author, so maybe it's all legit and innocent.)
posted by BoringPostcards 10 May | 11:17
Oh sorry. I am a new user to metachat. I've been on Metafilter for a while and I e-mailed Jessamyn to see if it was appropriate to post anywhere there, and she suggested that I post it here.

Sorry that it's shady! :\
posted by spec80 10 May | 11:34
yeah... this doesn't exactly seem like any serious marketing thing, since it's so convoluted and difficult to even get the signed version, and if spec had been here before at all, I wouldn't have questioned it much at all, probably. Sorry, spec80, if this seems rude! But you understand, right?
posted by taz 10 May | 11:34
ah! Thanks, spec80.
posted by taz 10 May | 11:35
And, actually, in his/her signup spec80 mentioned being referred by Jess - I just didn't remember that it was spec who mentioned that. Anyway. We're happy to see you, spec80, please don't feel unwelcome!
posted by taz 10 May | 11:40
In the early days on, back when the company was hemorraghing money and sold nothing but books, random orders would arrive with little bonuses packaged in--coffee mugs, or magnets. When I ordered The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle in hardcover from them, it showed up with a little slip of paper inside the front cover, mentioning that Haruki Murakami had "been by the office" and had signed a few copies, one of which was mine. With a few exceptions, that's one of the most valuable books I own (financially, as well as sentimentally).

(I miss you, old-school
posted by Prospero 10 May | 12:10
They're already sold out. *sob* I called when the original post was up and got added to the waiting list.
posted by smich 10 May | 12:16
aw, Prospero! I also got Wind-Up Bird from Amazon (UK), but they didn't give me a bloody thing. (Fuck you, old-school! keeding, keeding!!!!)

Also, I only took this post down for, like, five minutes, to look at it closer! Really! Don't hate me, bunnies!
posted by taz 10 May | 12:26
I just got Kafka on the Shore, which I'm currently reading. I really love this author's writing style, so fluid.
posted by LunaticFringe 10 May | 12:48
Oh, good, I'm glad spec80 is a new bunny and not a spammer... sorry, spec! Welcome aboard!
posted by BoringPostcards 10 May | 13:05
Oh damnit, I meant to pick up a copy today. :[
posted by moonshine 10 May | 13:07
Oh, and hello Spec!
posted by moonshine 10 May | 13:08
Hello! And it's ok! It was a little weird to feel like a n00b again, but it made me feel like a girl of 17 when I started on Prodigy oh so long ago...

aaah memories.

But I totally get now why my post sounded the alarm. :)
posted by spec80 10 May | 13:42
4 or 5 of my 15 || Sucky day 3-point status report.