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10 May 2007

4 or 5 of my 15 Yesterday, the Oregon Governor signed 2 bills, one granting civil union status to gays and lesbians, [More:]the other, a non-discrimination bill.

These were long-sought-after things, and around the state, people gathered to celebrate.

My wife and I can be seen very briefly in this clip, sitting and eating, rather unheriocally.

Hey someone had to!

If you are as intrigued as I am guessing you are, play the video under the by-line of this story.
Congratulations. NH also voted last week to establish civil unions, which is a great step.

I am still among those who supports either full marriage rights, or the idea for states to only have the power to grant civil union to all couples, leaving religious marriage to religious authorities. But CUs are a great improvement over denial of the legal rights of marriage to committed couples.
posted by Miko 10 May | 10:50
Well, you know, gay marraige leads to gay divorce which inevitably leads to gay divorcees.
posted by jonmc 10 May | 10:51
One of the things that gays and lesbians CANNOT do, under this, is file joint fed. tax returns. . State, yes, but Fed. no.

jonmc, since they are going to hell upon death, can't you let them have some fun BEFORE the eternal damnation?
posted by danf 10 May | 10:58
heh. I guess you have heard of this famous musical, dude.
posted by jonmc 10 May | 11:03
I got it. And Ginger is also in hell right now, for even having PLAYED a STRAIGHT divorcee. MY God takes NO shit, whatsoever.
posted by danf 10 May | 11:07
It's a good step, like Miko said. I am also in favor of full marriage rights. I guess I can never see why people object so much to the subject of gay marriage. I even have a friend who is damning her own brother to hell because he's gay. Where is the logic from that? "Oh, he's my brother, and I love him, but he's gay and he's going to hell." For pete's sake, everyone in the world deserves love, so what right do hetero people have in designating who other people can and can not love, support, and marry? As long as no one's getting hurt (unless they like it ;^) ) and it's not incest, let people marry whom they want, with the same rights shared by all couples.
posted by redvixen 10 May | 12:10
I once heard Dolly Parton comment on gay marriage. She said, basically, that gay people should have very right to be as miserable as straight people.

And then there is Bill Maher's comment on same-sex marriage. He wonders why there is a problem in that every married person knows it's ALWAYS the same sex.
posted by danf 10 May | 12:20
Sometimes I really love this state.
posted by cmonkey 10 May | 15:31
Sometimes I really love this state.

Yeah me too cmonkey. At that party last night there was some amazing ass-fucking going on out on the veranda.

(just kidding. gay and lez activists tend to be the "squarest" people around. if the anti-gay people only knew. . .)
posted by danf 10 May | 16:39
and it's not incest

I heard a short news story on the radio about this and they said something like "granting civil union status to gays and heterosexual couples who can't marry". I can't figure out what sort of couples they could be referring to.
posted by danostuporstar 11 May | 11:24
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