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09 May 2007

Tell us about your week so far... without using any words that contain the letter 'e'.
I am totally lacking motivation to work. This is not surprising, I think. Work is not my bag, not if this amount of sunlight is flooding my yard! I took a short walk just now, and I'm trying to avoid just giving up on work to go stroll about again.

I bought two Pacific Madronas on Saturday, and I'm anxious to go plant both. Amazing plants... Bark that shifts colors constantly, blossoms that attract hummingbirds, bright crimson fruit that attracts songbirds. Amazing.
Blah. Work is such a drag if folks sulk and complain. So much up in the air! Tonight though, I'm off to Plum Island to kick it in sand and splash. Maybe some cold dairy pops will satisfy us and flavor the day.
posted by Miko 09 May | 15:20
How can I do this? Hmm.

Today my company springs an acquisition on us. Okay, it's not spring. I have known about it for a bit. Many bits.

It's not a good day.

Tomorrow? Arizona. Yo!
posted by FlamingBore 09 May | 15:21
It sucks.
posted by malaprohibita 09 May | 15:26
Running was a bust. I hurt my foot after only two runs. Trying again tonight. Boss wants way too much work by Friday.
posted by gaspode 09 May | 15:26
Oooo Miko. You didn't do it right. I'm tattling.
posted by iconomy 09 May | 15:26
If you'r_ into this kind of thing th_n ch_ck out Gadsby.
posted by Rhomboid 09 May | 15:27
(thus far we have all used the letter e. Except for agro.)
posted by gaspode 09 May | 15:27
Work is OK but I'm so glad it's hump day - if only I could go now rather than wait 30 mins.
posted by phoenixc 09 May | 15:31
I hurt my calf hiking Saturday and was gimping around downtown that night for a buddy's birthday. I was cooking Sunday and stank up my pad pickling carrots and radish. Work is slow; my boss cannot command his group at all. It's warm and sunny today, so I might get a workout tonight. Or, I'll sit on my couch and play with my Wii. I must buy a pump; my old pump is kaput.
posted by backseatpilot 09 May | 15:40
Damnit! So close!
posted by backseatpilot 09 May | 15:40
My shirt is full of baby snot. That about sums it up.
posted by jrossi4r 09 May | 15:40
Work work workity goddamn work. Kids dig kiddy films, so my library is showing a bunch of Unca Walt's this month. Tonight, Pocahontas.
posted by box 09 May | 15:46
I think my username disqualifies me.
posted by Eideteker 09 May | 15:47
Our Kiwi is wrong. Agro did bring forth the glyph forbid: his link (Pacific Madronas) contains a url that is not lipogrammatic. In this format, I would count that as a violation.

Dull sloth and a cough. That's my last four rotations in short form.
posted by Lentrohamsanin 09 May | 15:50
my cat is gtting an 'KG or 'chocardio, if its good Roo will g't tooths work don. If it's not good, Roo could no longr aliv'.

Th'y just start'd th' t'st a littl' whil' ago. Th'y were supposd to do it at 7:30.

posted by drezdn 09 May | 15:55
wr damnit!
posted by drezdn 09 May | 15:56
My child was up last night at 2 am vomiting. I was at my bungalow today and to my luck Boo's vomiting quit this morning at 8 am.

Work is going smoothly, thankfully. Last Monday I was going crazy anticipating what Friday, Saturday, and Sunday would hold.
posted by frecklefaerie 09 May | 16:09
My job sucks. Not as much, but still. My boss thinks that a pay bump will stop my languor at work. Iím thankful, but itís not actually so fantastic Ė damn taxman swallows it all.

Sleep is always transitory. What to do? Music is a boon; also, I drink.
posted by bmarkey 09 May | 16:11
his link (Pacific Madronas) contains a url that is not lipogrammatic

Ha. I did think of that, but I don't think it counts. It's not hard to find a non-violating link... I just don't worry about such trivia! And that photo was so much to my liking.
posted by agropyron 09 May | 16:13
Going to TX tomorrow morning. Flight is at 7:00 a.m., yuck. Thankfully, I am flying out of LGA, which is just a short bus trip from right across the Blvd.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 09 May | 16:35
I had two finals, yesterday. Now I am waiting for a marijuana hookup to call. Also, I must soon find a job and work on an upcoming song.
posted by the great big mulp 09 May | 16:39
I told my boss I was sick so I could bring my cat Rusty for a visit to the cat doctor. Doctors must do trials to find out if Rusty is okay. My doc is slow! Rusty was brought at 8 AM and doc is doing the trial just now! It sucks that I told my boss I was sick so I could wait around for nothing. BLARG.

I am SO to post #16. Rusty is both of our cat. Poor kitty!
posted by indigojones 09 May | 16:41

Or, as I gots a big vocabulary: Hawt.
posted by mudpuppie 09 May | 16:49
I was out tonight. That's not unusual. My good pal and I. Drink was drunk. Post drink, I had to go back to mon maison. I lost an hour or so surfing. Mainly on http. (This is hard). A spot of browsing on a popular murdoch bought social matrixing location. T'pau last pal i got to buddy status. (arghhh). Now on this location, writing this bit of rubbish.
posted by seanyboy 09 May | 17:39
I was happy to comfort a pal at a watch that occurs prior to burial. I was brilliantly happy to plan a trip to small islands that consist of coral rock in South Florida. My cardiac part had much pounding on a rowing apparatus. It was a good workout.
posted by LoriFLA 09 May | 18:00
This was our fourth Spring as 'us'.
And on Monday I was told that 'us' was finishing:
Now just two 'I's.

But, oddly, it didn't hurt.
So it was probably right.

Past two days, what's on my mind?
Cash. Banal, I know.
I must just look for things to worry on.

Try as I might, though,
It is a constant nibbling.
Things looming that I can't put off.
"Work is slow."
That's what I say, in my justifications.

I know, truthfully, I could sort it all out
If I could just find that motivation I had so long ago.
Turns out a stack of pound coins isn't inspiration.

I turn to my art. For company,
I think? For constancy. In this cold room,
I say 'fuck' as my hands won't play
Just how I want. But it'll do for now,
Just to spin a world into which I can fall,
Just to find it all again.
posted by chrismear 09 May | 18:05
Affair with individuals who dish out lists of tasks rapidly spiralling down into chaos and gloom.

Individuals abutting my body and my man at a music show last night disrupt joy by constantly shifting his and lady's body into tight awkward proximity with us, although my man asks kindly if man and woman might scoot away. I finally start nudging said individuals with my ulna-tip at points that clapping was socially diplomatic and a show of thanks to musicians--not obviously, oh no, but in a way that might occur by a slip-up on my part. Oops!
posted by Fuzzbean 09 May | 18:20
Wow, chrism_ar. Props and Hugs.

SlippySliding, too much thinking.
Drugs/Drink to stop too much thinking. Also slippysliding, hu?

Work. Will journey for work in a fortnight! (right word?) Happy for that.
posted by rainbaby 09 May | 18:26
Family in for a visit. Mom and two aunts. Comforting fun had by all.
Today I joined a good amiga too soonly parted from a loving husband. Us girls wailed and guffawed in turns, wiping away liquid drops from our facial skin. Such pain is too raw still. A good visit for us both.

(whoa - I think I did it!)
posted by redvixen 09 May | 18:31
posted by rainbaby 09 May | 18:32
Sorry vix, you and I both gnarld it.
posted by rainbaby 09 May | 18:42
drunk on hops infused liquid.
posted by jonmc 09 May | 18:46
"A trivial task!", I thought at first. But, in contrast to my initial assumption, this is distinctly difficult. Without any additional ado, I will turn to imparting a pair of thoughts that occupy my mind today:

Firstly, my work looms! A vast accumulation of disturbingly-tardy bits of writing awaits my scrutiny. Statistics, calculations, paragraphs, diagrams: all cry out for my study. Lack of punctuality only puts off what I must unavoidably do! But still I shilly-shally about, adjourning jobs.

Not firstly (but not so far as thirdly): food stocks run low. No tasty tidbits inhabit my cupboards, so stomach-knawing pangs occupy my thoughts. I must walk to Sainsbury's as soon as practical, to obtain foodstuffs and, by doing so, banish starvation!

"Good lord, that was an arduous duty, avoiding in my words that off-limits non-consonant", I sigh.
posted by matthewr 09 May | 19:46
Pocahontas? Man, was that a sack of crap.
posted by box 09 May | 20:29
I am still looking for a job. I am not happy about it. It's too slow and frustrating. But...I did spanakopita for 20 folks!
posted by PaxDigita 09 May | 20:33
What did I do today? Sold albums, mostly. And mostly crap albums, in truth. Still, got some $27 cash for a bunch of promos and shit.
Apart from that, it was posting my CV to jobs in LA. No word back from anyone contact'd in a month, which is discouraging.
posted by klangklangston 09 May | 20:43
Humans with brain difficulty approach doctors in lots of ways. Not doing what I say is probably most popular.
posted by ikkyu2 09 May | 22:49
A Lipogram, hooray! La Disparition, a.k.a. A Void, is without match.

A citrus liquor and a Sonic Youth album without lights on to unsnarl my drab day of procrastination. I am slowly buidling back motivation from a handful of days in Farmington Hills, Michigan for training on a product I would not warrant launching any day soon. What a pain!

Sun and soft wind gild today and its siblings; on that I can count on Spring and incur an uplifting air.
posted by mochicrunk 09 May | 23:02
This half-fortnight, I am fixing up a trio of plans for changing our product, trying not to succumb to 'analysis paralysis' as this guy, also a consultant, who sits to my right, puts it. I am happy that the postman brought an art-book I put in my amazon shopping-cart last Friday, and also six CDs, variously from London and Tokyo. I am enjoying the cool but bright conditions typical for Spring in Scandinavia, not minding an odd sprinkling of rain or two.
posted by misteraitch 10 May | 02:16
It's been hot (and oddly humid) this week, already, though this morning feels deluxe wonderful. Generally, we've had too many visitors for my perfect comfort (the whole moving/new house thing - all the people we know in Athens are coming 'round to see us, and all the people we know in Thessaloniki who come to Athens come by to see us, so all perfectly natural, but a little bit of a lot for me, smushed together like this).

We had a lovely walk to Plaka and Monastiraki (Acropolis area), where we needed to pick up a few small items, like a decorative chain for our toilet (it's one of those top tank thingies, where you pull a chain to flush - kind of cool, really, in a retro way) and a taillight for a bike. We wandered into a place that sold chains, buttons, belt buckles, and necklace pendants, all in hundreds and hundreds of little boxes on floor-to-ceiling shelves, and found a chain we liked. But it turns out the place was actually a wholesale shop, and the guy just gave us the chain - no charge. Then we went to have beer and souvlakia at this outdoor place we know across from a bike shop/repair place, and when V. went in to buy the taillight, guess what? The guy gave it to him - no charge.

We joked that this would have been a good day to have gone furniture shopping.

Freaking out a bit, because V. leaves in 10 days for a two-month shoot on a remote island (no internet! no cell phones! eek!).
posted by taz 10 May | 03:03
oops. totally didn't see the no-"e" thing.

Can I change mine to "D'OH"?
posted by taz 10 May | 03:05
I did it!

"E"-zapped version:

Hot and humid, in my town, though only May - but this morning is fabulous. Had too many visitors for my comfort (a moving/unfamiliar-flat thing - all our pals in this town now coming 'round to visit, and all our old amigos from Salonika who visit this city drop by, so it's all totally natural, but a bit of a lot for taz, so synchronously this way).

My husband and I had a happy walk to Plaka and Monastiraki to pick up two or four small things, including a chain for our loo (which has a top tank thingy, in which you pull a chain to flush - kind of cool, actually, in an old fashion way), and a taillight for bicycling. My husband and I found a shop that sold chains, buttons, and similar goods, all in many, many small cartons on array from bottom to top of all walls, and saw a good chain. But it turns out that this shop is actually a spot for bulk buying, and so, a man who owns that shop just put that chain in our hands as a gift. Wow! Our following stop was for draft on tap and souvlakia at this outdoor spot across from a cycling shop, and V. was going to buy a taillight, but again that shop guy didn't want cash - again, a gift!

Us two had to laugh, and said that it was possibly a good day to buy posh furnishings for our flat.

I am a bit crazy now, as V. will go in 10 days for a two-month shoot on a far-away island with almost no instant communication ability. Urgh!
posted by taz 10 May | 04:03
I'm still looking for a cabin, bungalow or ranch but this may soon stop, as I will go to a 70s looking ranch this morning. This looks good and I think it may do. Work is busy which is a drag. I'm drinking and smoking too much again: too much fun as usual - this morning in particular hurts. Young dog is a pain in the ass and will not stay in yard. And soon, music and books will show up in my mailbox, hurray!
posted by mygothlaundry 10 May | 08:58
rats. I thought I had it. darned "e".

Thanks for your info, mygothlaundry. I was thinking of your housing hunt and am so curious. What was up with that 1920's bungalow?
posted by redvixen 10 May | 10:38
New yard arrivals! || Let us write some brilliant dialog...