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08 May 2007

Three Point Status Update - Work Edition 1) Symantec was helpful and cooperative this morning!
2) So was the tech support guy!
3) The tech support guy is cute!
1. At work, and it's terribly slow. I'm watching a few people exercise.

2. I've eaten four Werther's Original candies.

3. I've been reading the first chapter and chatting with the people to stave off boredom.
posted by LoriFLA 08 May | 09:47
1. not working
2. sirring on porch listeneing to reloaded iPod Hi-fi
3. going to have a beer
posted by jonmc 08 May | 09:52
1. I had acupuncture on a whim yesterday to correct my nightly snoring. GF confirmed that, though it wasn't completely gone, she got the first good night's sleep she's had in a while. It was even free of charge because my chiropractor wasn't sure it was going to work. Neat!
2. I've stumped my chiropractor, my ART practitioner, and my massage therapist. I'm doing everything I need to do -- copious stretching, ice/heat as appropriate, exercises, weekly chiropractic/ART/massages -- and still my sacroiliac, hip, and hamstring pain is raging out of control. I've forgotten what a pain-free day is like. Sigh.
3. Work and life have gotten so busy and my Mecha time has suffered as a result. Miss the bunnies.
posted by mike9322 08 May | 09:53
1. Beat my boss to work today for the first time EVAR!
2. Half way through ELISA. Only a couple of incubations to go
3. What will I do this afternoon...?
posted by gaspode 08 May | 09:54
1) Harvesting cells for sciencey stuff.

2) Wishing it was lunch.

3) Last day of 6 wk tetracycline regime! So very happy. No..words! No more anemia, no more "digestive issues", no more nausea and I'll be able to eat fruits and vegitables again!
posted by LunaticFringe 08 May | 09:54
1. almost done with A Dirty Job, which I also like that the cover glows in the dark;
2. started The Artist's Way, of which I must say I'm skeptical because of the strong and constant "spiritual" references but I'm trying to keep an open mind
3. started Out of Our Minds, which is terribly amusing and easy to read.
4. continuing collecting sources that support some of my theories about creativity as part of what I'm working on with my business coach
posted by chewatadistance 08 May | 10:08
1) I'm stuck in meetings all day
2) My client's getting charged outrageous sums of money to connect to and query a web service
3) I just want to sit at my desk and surf... er, um, code
posted by hoppytoad 08 May | 10:13
1. My seniors take the AP Literature test on Thursday. Judging by their sample tests, they're generally not going to do very well, I'm afraid. The time limits especially are a killer (55 multiple choice questions in 60 minutes, with five long and/or complex passages to read, some poetry, some prose, plus three big essays to write in two hours, amounting to about forty minutes each, with more reading for two of them). I appreciate their effort, though, and I've had students from last year come back and tell me the course was beneficial in terms of college preparation, but it's still depressing to get almost all "ones" after all that work (i.e., no college credit recommended at this time; the test is scored from one to five, two to five being to some degree recommended for college credit). I feel like I failed them somehow.

2. My coffee's cold and I have to pee.

3. I only have three dollars in my wallet (and no ATM nearby) and am hoping for the two hot dogs and a soda for $2.50 special at the truck. That or a muffin and hot chocolate.
posted by Pips 08 May | 10:18
1. Just found out today that my Memorial Day weekend deadline has been moved to THIS Friday. Yikes.

2. Vacation next week- camping in north Georgia!

3. Hungry, left lunch at home in the fridge, so it's time to hit the Food Court of Doom downstairs. *sigh*
posted by BoringPostcards 08 May | 10:33
1. Have finally concluded that boss's big pet project, which I'm responsible for implementing, makes absolutely no sense and is never going to work.

2. Have had long conversation with self about how it will be a great learning experience for me to go through the process of trying to explain this to boss, in a clear, assertive, tactful, rational, confident way.

3. Have decided it'll be easier to just find a new goddamned job.
posted by kat allison 08 May | 10:38
1. A project I thought was done is now not since I got new source files.
2. Hungry. Really hungry.
3. I have a meeting at lunch with my big boss today that was originally scheduled for last friday but I was bumped. I'm wondering now if I'll be bumped again.
posted by phoenixc 08 May | 10:39
3. Going to Scottsdale, AZ, and hopefully will hit Vegas for a day over the Memorial Day Weekend. Anybunny in Scottsdale?
posted by rainbaby 08 May | 10:46
1. Drinking coffee, but ran out of milk (gah!). So drinking it black.

2. Gotta go get gas.

3. Gotta take older foster monster to doctor, and then have A Big Talk.
posted by Claudia_SF 08 May | 12:01
rainbaby gets to go to all the fun places!
posted by chewatadistance 08 May | 12:29
1. Need to run to cafe to get tea, to go along with awesome Trader Joe's banana-and-chocolate-chip muffins I got last night.

2. Need to make CD jewel case insert for Paul Weller compilation that coworker asked for. (Really! I am not foisting it upon her at all! She wants to hear more Paul Weller! Goodness, who doesn't?)

3. Need to make up for three months of lost time by synching up 200 book illustrations with the exhibition checklist and all the essay texts, because no one else could bother to do their fucking work on time. Whee!
posted by scody 08 May | 12:39
1. Returned to work today after vacation in Key West; hence, digging through e-mail.

2. Actually looking like I am digging through e-mail but really staring at Key West sunset piccy on desktop, wishing I was back there.

3. Wishing I was back there is not making the day go by any faster.
posted by tr33hggr 08 May | 12:48
1. Somewhat late press release finally out today.
2. Local paper has apparently fired half their reporters again, so carefully cultivated email press release list has way too high a ratio of returns. Bah.
3. Printer making horrifying noises. Worrisome.
posted by mygothlaundry 08 May | 12:54
1. angry. angry. urgetokillrising. angry.
2. frustrated. frustrated. headbeatingsamewall. frustrated.
3. plotting scotch and s'mores to undo 1 & 2.
posted by crush-onastick 08 May | 12:55
1. Last night: made a big show of taking photos of repeated-panhandling lady, emphasized repeatedly that the next step would involve the police. Today: haven't seen her, guardedly optimistic.
2. New extra-thick wire book display stands (for oversize books) arrived; more excited than I should be.
3. May is the month where I drive my staff nuts about customer service: How can I address an office culture where everybody is five minutes late all the goddamn time?
posted by box 08 May | 13:18
1: Spent many, many hours yesterday wirelessly networking an ancient, slooooooow (15 minutes to get to the desktop from start up!) XP machine to a slow eMac. I will never go to PC World on a bank holiday as it took 20 minutes to get out of the car park. Mum+dad: for the final time, that XP machine isn't slow because it's got too much stuff on it, it's because it's old, got virtually no RAM and a crap processor.

2: Spent today doing a similar thing for our CEO - I'm not even a tech suport person. Jesus.

3: Cooking food, thinking I really should do a radio set sometime soon
posted by TheDonF 08 May | 13:25
1. On break! Wish I'd bought plane tickets three months ago so I could be visiting people now instead of sitting at home bored out of my head.


3. I found these tiny adorable golden baby potatoes at Publix last week, and yesterday I boiled them in salt water and OMG SO GOOD it's like they were pre-injected with butter HAHAHA CARBS SUCK IT
posted by casarkos 08 May | 13:29
1. First day back at work for over a week, things were suspiciously quiet, not much post, only a couple of messages and a new complaint from, of course, a nutter. When the file is filled with letters from the secretaries to Prince Charles, Tony Blair, Dubya, Vladimir Putin and the Pope (amongst others), thanking him for his letter and noting his 'interesting' opinions, you know you are dealing with a lunatic. Probably a lunatic who will no longer be allowed to travel to the USA, I would imagine. I expect there's a note on some TSA/DHS file somewhere now.

2. By working through lunch I was able to leave early to get the car to the mechanic. I planned the flattest route possible, avoiding Hog Hill, and just as I got there the clutch finally died. Perfect timing. My mechanic is lovely, he used to look like Tom Selleck although he's not aging well, but he's a great bloke, he devotes his spare time to the Boy Scouts. I've been taking my cars to him for 15 years and he is a good, honest man.

3. I spoke too soon about the upstairs neighbour. Police just left. I heard them arrive, it sounded as if they were there to ask scutty neighbour questions about something. Sadly, they did not take him away in handcuffs.
posted by essexjan 08 May | 14:45
Symantec was helpful and cooperative this morning!

1. I don't believe BtGoG.

2. I was paged several dozen times last night on account of lousy Symantec software

3. I need some sleep.
posted by Triode 08 May | 16:05
1. Getting buried with work because person acting as Assistant Manager can't do the job, so us Team Leaders get all the shit dumped on us
2. Heard that she is going to be sent back to her old job because she can't do this one
3. Also heard that Team Leaders will be given the chance to act as Assistant Manager on a rotation basis, so I may get to display my own incompetence before too long.
posted by dg 10 May | 21:33
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