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08 May 2007

The Motherlode. Because I dig you guys, I'm going to let you in on one of musical hunting grounds.[More:] The Hound is a radio show from WFMU that played wild-ass rockabilly, blues, soul, punk rock and other unusual music. The tracks are low-bitrate and I think they're transfered from tape, but the songs are so cool that it makes up for it the interface is a little odd too. Next to the song there's a show number, click on that and you'll find the tunes (file renaming may be neccessary as well). But like I said, the stuff is great.
Cool. A friend of mine recently found this treasure trove.
posted by Hellbient 08 May | 08:26
oh crap. I just realized alot of those links don't work. Not quite the treasure trove I was thinking.
posted by Hellbient 08 May | 08:31
Chocoreve is cool, but for some strange reason I'm averse to DL'ing albums unless they're compilations. I think this may be because most artists have only one or two really good songs in them. or something.

(on preview, all the hounds links work and since they're low-bitrate they're small and download quick.)
posted by jonmc 08 May | 08:33
Thanks Jonmc!
posted by drezdn 08 May | 08:43
Jesus. . these are some obscure tracks!

Love it!
posted by danf 08 May | 08:44
Hmm, low bitrate, eh? I wonder, has anyone in the copyright battles tried to establish at what point in lossy transfer does the original work become a different collection of data?

btw, thanks, jonmc! Great stuff here.
posted by mischief 08 May | 09:41
Hey, jon, WFMU is hiring. (check their homepage.)
posted by StickyCarpet 08 May | 16:15
This is great. Thanks jonmc. I'll be combing that site for weeks no doubt.
posted by nola 08 May | 19:23
Awesome. Andre Williams' "Jail Bait". I take back everything I might've said about you.
posted by ardgedee 08 May | 19:50
Oh yeah, I found these guys through FMU when I was looking for a copy of Drinkin' Wine Spodeeodee that wasn't Pere Ubu. Fun stuff.
posted by klangklangston 09 May | 14:44
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