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08 May 2007

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Welcome to another 2 hours of jazz on Radio Mecha. As always, I'll be posting some links, comments and credits as the set plays, which I hope are of interest to those listening, as well as to those who come to this thread later.

In this program, I have an early jazz standard inspired by a silent movie heart throb and uniquely recorded by Sidney Bechet, a classic Gershwin tune interpreted by John Coltrane, and nice rendition of a Stevie Wonder tune by Carmen McRae.

The tune that I open these sets with, "The Greeting" is from a later McCoy Tyner album, called Things Ain't What They Used To Be.
posted by paulsc 08 May | 18:00
#2 Stay As Sweet As You Are

Art Tatum with a tune by Mack Gordon and Harry Revel, from the compilation CD "Art Tatum: Solo Masterpeices Vol. 1".
posted by paulsc 08 May | 18:02
#3 The Sheik Of Araby

Sidney Bechet and nobody else, in a very unususal "one man band" recording, made by repeated "overdubbing" at the RCA Studios in NYC, from an April 18, 1941 recording date. Basically, in this era before tape recorders using German technology that would be captured during WWII, the only way of producing an "overdubbed" record was to use two disk cutting tables. The first instrument track was cut on table #1, and then replayed while it and a new instrument track was fed to the cutter head of table #2. For instrument #3, the 2 instrument track from the record on table #2 was moved to table #1, and then it and the new #3 instrument feed were sent to table #2. Each additional "overdub" inevitably worsened the fidelity of earlier tracks, so 5 or 6 instruments was about the limit that could be done in such a "one man band" kind of record. In fact, if you can even hear the drums in this one, you win a cigar. The link above has a Real Audio version of this file (at the bottom of the page), for those that come along to this thread later. And here's a picture of a young Les Paul working in a studio set up to do something similar.
posted by paulsc 08 May | 18:08
#4 Melancholy

If boogie pianist Meade 'Lux' Lewis had a quiet side, this sweet, slow blues he wrote is surely it. From a January 6, 1939 recording date for Blue Note, this simple, gentle solo piano tune stands in great contrast to much of his other recorded work, and I like to think of it, as something he might play at the end of the night in a club, as a kind of apology to the piano, for beating it so hard all the rest of the night. From the 1998 Topaz compilation CD.
posted by paulsc 08 May | 18:10
#5 Solid Old Man

Rex Stewart (cornet), Barney Bigard (clarinet & drums), Django Reinhardt (guitar), and Billy Taylor (bass) with a tune by Stewart, recorded April 5, 1939 in Paris. From the "Django Reinhardt: All Star Sessions" CD.
posted by paulsc 08 May | 18:14
#6 Them There Eyes

Billie Holiday & Her Orchestra (being mostly Teddy Wilson's orchestra) in a July 2, 1935 recording for Brunswick, of the tune by Maceo Pinkard, William Tracey (lyrics) and Doris Tauber. Tauber also wrote with Johnny Mercer, and other composers, too.
posted by paulsc 08 May | 18:17
#7 Hot House

Dizzy Gillespie (trumpet), Charlie "Bird" Parker (alto sax), Al Haig (piano), Curly Russell (bass) and Sidney Catlett (drums) in a May 11,1945 recording of a tune by Tadd Dameron, from the "Yardbird Suite" boxed CD set.
posted by paulsc 08 May | 18:20
#8 Rocker

Miles Davis with a March 9, 1950 recording of a Gerry Mulligan tune, that would eventually be released in 1957, on the seminal "Birth of the Cool" album. With J.J. Johnson (trombone), Gunther Schuller (French horn), Bill Barber (tuba), Lee Konitz (alto saxophone), Gerry Mulligan (baritone saxophone), John Lewis (piano), Al McKibbon (bass), and Max Roach (drums).
posted by paulsc 08 May | 18:23
#9 Interplay

Bill Evans (piano), Freddie Hubbard (trumpet), Jim Hall (guitar), Percy Heath (bass), and Philly Joe Jones (drums) with a tune by Evans from a July 16, 1962 recording in NYC, originally released on the 1962 album "interplay" and here via the 1998 Riverside "Jazz Showcase: Bill Evans" compilation CD.
posted by paulsc 08 May | 18:26
#10 You and I

Carmen McRae with a 1971 recording of a Stevie Wonder tune, featuring Joe Pass (guitar), Ray Brown (bass), Dick Shreve (piano), and Frank Severino (drums). From the 1991 Laserlight CD reissue.
posted by paulsc 08 May | 18:34
#11 Summertime

John Coltrane from his 1960 album "My Favorite Things" with the Gershwin tune, featuring pianist McCoy Tyner, bassist Art Davis, and drummer Elvin Jones.
posted by paulsc 08 May | 18:39
#12 Gone With the Wind

Wes Montgomery with a tune by Oscar winning composer Allie Wrubel and Herbert Magidson from the 1960 album "The Incredible Jazz Guitar of Wes Montgomery."
posted by paulsc 08 May | 18:51
#13 Come Sunday

The Ramsey Lewis Trio with a Duke Ellington tune from the 1965 album "The In Crowd."
posted by paulsc 08 May | 18:57
#14 Futures

Gary Burton (vibraphone), Chick Corea (piano), Pat Metheny (guitar), and Roy Haynes (drums) with a Chick Corea tune from the 1998 CD "Like Minds."
posted by paulsc 08 May | 19:02
#15 The End of a Love Affair

Wynton Marsalis with a tune by Edward C. Redding from the 2001 compilation CD "Popular Songs: The Best of Wynton Marsalis."
posted by paulsc 08 May | 19:12
#16 Good Bait

Tommy Flanagan from his 1978 CD "Something Borrowed, Something Blue" with a tune by Count Basie and Tadd Dameron (who also wrote the #7 tune in this program).
posted by paulsc 08 May | 19:15
#17 Panama

A Paul Meyers tune from the CD "Reunion" with Gary Burton (vibraphone), Pat Metheny (guitar), Mitch Forman (piano), Will Lee (bass) and Peter Erskine.
posted by paulsc 08 May | 19:20
#18 Skin Jam

Tito Puente's Golden Latin Jazz All Stars from the 1992 CD "Live at The Village Gate", with a "tune," or perhaps better said "a phrase and a whole lot of timbales" by Puente.
posted by paulsc 08 May | 19:25
#19 Rio

From his 1988 CD "Revelations" here is McCoy Tyner, with a composition of his own.
posted by paulsc 08 May | 19:30
#20 Dimples

Joe Williams from his 1985 CD "I Just Want to Sing" with a tune by James Bracken and John Lee Hooker.
posted by paulsc 08 May | 19:36
#21 Song to Gayle

Chick Corea (piano) and Gary Burton (vibraphone) from their October 28, 1979 live concert recording in Zurich, with a tune by Corea.
posted by paulsc 08 May | 19:41
#22 Three Flights Up

Pat Metheny (guitar), Dave Holland (bass) and Roy Haynes (drums) from the 1990 CD "Question and Answer" with a tune by Metheny.
posted by paulsc 08 May | 19:48
#23 The Best Thing for You

Diana Krall from her 1998 CD "When I Look In Your Eyes" with an up tempo tune by Irving Berlin.
posted by paulsc 08 May | 19:54
#24 I Will Say Goodbye

Once again, The Bill Evans Trio, with Eddie Gomez on bass and Eliot Zigmund on drums, takes us out with the title track from the 1977 album of the same name. To recap, in this set, we heard:

1. McCoy Tyner - The Greeting (2:27)
2. Art Tatum - Stay As Sweet As You Are (5:09)
3. Sidney Bechet - The Sheik Of Araby / Sidney Bechet's One Man Band (2:11)
4. Meade 'Lux' Lewis - Melancholy (4:07)
5. Django Reinhardt - Solid Old Man (3:05)
6. Billie Holiday - Them There Eyes (2:48)
7. Charlie Parker - Hot House (3:09)
8. Miles Davis - Rocker (3:07)
9. Evans, Bill - Interplay (8:13)
10. Carmen McRae - You and I (4:47)
11. John Coltrane - Summertime (11:35)
12. Wes Montgomery - Gone With the Wind (6:22)
13. Ramsey Lewis Trio - Come Sunday (4:33)
14. Gary Burton - Futures (10:40)
15. Wynton Marsalis - The End of a Love Affair (3:14)
16. Tommy Flanagan - Good Bait (4:06)
17. Gary Burton - Panama (5:39)
18. Tito Puente - Skin Jam (5:17)
19. McCoy Tyner - Rio (5:00)
20. Joe Williams - Dimples (5:12)
21. Chick Corea/Gary Burton - Song to Gayle (7:16)
22. Pat Metheny, Dave Holland, Roy Haynes - Three Flights Up (6:11)
23. Diana Krall - The Best Thing for You (2:36)
24. Bill Evans Trio - I Will Say Goodbye (3:30)

See you soon, right here on Radio Mecha, with more jazz...
posted by paulsc 08 May | 19:57
Have you considered doing a podcast? I suppose it's all illegal and stuff, but would be good for those of us who live in weird time zones. :)
posted by By the Grace of God 09 May | 02:41
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