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06 May 2007

The Epilogue Thread. Whatever happened with...[More:]

1. EJ's wigged out neighbor?
2. jonmc's employment sitch?
3. mgl's housing sitch?
4. I can't remember the name of the pooch or the poster, but the pooch was the boyfriend's black & white and had some ouchy pooping issues?

There are probably more, but these keep coming back to me when I'm away from the keyboard.
5. EJ's scary neighbor?
posted by Miko 06 May | 21:05
2. got laid off. still unemployed. haven't started looking yet. will soon.
posted by jonmc 06 May | 21:10
I think Scody was asking for her friend's dog. It was such a pretty dog. I read the discussion late, and didn't get a chance to post. I hope the doggie is OK. As well as the rest of the trials and tribulations.
posted by LoriFLA 06 May | 21:37
Yes, 'twas my boyfriend's fox terrier, Zippy (or as I like to call her, Wiggles McFuzz). Vet said probably a parasite or bacterial infection, and gave her meds that seemed to clear up the poop problems right away. She was back to her happy-perky self within a few days, but has seemed pretty sluggish again lately (but no other symptoms have yet reappeared, knock on wood). So we are keeping a close eye on her, the sweet thing. (Thanks for asking! I told her that she had lots of friends on MeCha wishing her well!)
posted by scody 06 May | 21:53
Neighbour has been quiet for a while, although there is a new woman living there - as before, much younger than him, and kind of skanky-looking . He's been having a lot of work done on his place so I think the presence of workmen has hampered whatever it is he gets up to in there. Two days ago he refused to answer the door to two carpenters.

I was woken up by doors slamming at 5.30 this morning.

Oh, and plans to drive over to ex-husband's with his tools and stuff are on hold as I think I have burned out my clutch and am not sure how far I can drive the car until I can get it fixed, which will be Friday at the earliest. I'll take it for a run round the block shortly and if there's no horrible burning smell and the gears aren't slipping, I'll take a chance and drive it over to his place (50-mile round trip).
posted by essexjan 07 May | 00:55
Still looking for a place to live - have three weeks now to pack up and get out. Tried to buy a house: that fell through. What I can afford in this town is basically a shell, and since I don't have an extra 50K to do repair work, well, as I suspected initially, I cannot buy. So. Tried to rent a house, put an application in, never heard back. So I'm starting up the rental housing search all over again today.
posted by mygothlaundry 07 May | 07:42
scody - glad to hear Miss Zip's healthy and zippy again! Please give her a pat for me and make sure you look into her eyeballs when you do.

jonmc - enjoy the break.

EJ - best wishes with the clutch, and hang in there with the neighbor weirdness. It'd been quiet, so I wondered if he left.

mgl - don't forget Craig'sList! Fingers x'd.

Thanks y'all. I can sleep now.
posted by chewatadistance 07 May | 12:47
occhiblu, bilabial: Homweork check! || If you had to eat the same thing everyday for a month...