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04 May 2007

three point status update was at count last night, late. (election count.)[More:]
we lost, big time.
i just woke up. am hungover.
1. Beautiful day, have to spend it all inside
2. think I'll go eat lots of sushi tonight
3. looking likely that mullacc and I will be in SF at the same time -- YAY
posted by gaspode 04 May | 10:04
1. One-coat paint that is called 'Once' needs at least two coats, even on a very pale beige wall.

2. The cats are annoyed because they are not allowed near the room being painted and they can't bear it when something is happening that they aren't able to supervise.

3. I went into the local pet shop today to buy some of this for the cats. They go nuts for it, I think it must be the feline equivalent of ice cream. In the pet shop they had
- Barney the parrot who lives there and talks a lot
- two kittens
- some lizards
- three baby tortoises, about 2" across the shell
- lots of very, very noisy birds
- some new-born guinea pigs that were about the size of kiwi fruit. They are born not hairless like mice but as fully-formed miniature guineas. Cutest things ever.
- baby bunnies! Grey ones, with little ears folded back against their heads, all asleep huddled together.
- lots of hamsters. One was sleeping in one of these, which made me lol.
posted by essexjan 04 May | 10:17
1. If you're watching the Sabres game tonight look for me. Section 221, row 2, seat 7 or 8

2. I'm hungry now. This is bad as it's only 11, and I am here until almost 6.

2. I have cute new summer shoes on, which makes me happy.
posted by kellydamnit 04 May | 10:21
1. Spring is finally here, which means Friday is Beer Day at work. We'll be on the roof deck this evening drinking and watching the airplanes land.

2. My lips have been chapped all week and I can't figure out how to fix them.

3. I think I'm gonna make more beer this weekend.
posted by backseatpilot 04 May | 10:41
1. I am falling behind on my current work project because I just AM NOT motivated. But I have to finish it next week, so by slacking off so much this week, I've probably guaranteed myself a stressful time next week.

2. It's a gray, gloomy day, and I wish I was at home on the couch reading instead of being at work, anyway.

3. I may be taking on a car payment as of this weekend, which makes me very nervous but also a little excited about getting rid of the old pickup.
posted by BoringPostcards 04 May | 10:45
(also, my sympathies on the loss, BtGoG! :( )
posted by BoringPostcards 04 May | 10:45
1. Thought of BtGoG this morning when NPR reported a small story about the elections in Scotland. (Sorry, BtGoG.)

2. I'm lazy this morning. I should be cleaning and scrubbing and organizing, but I'm not.

3. I just ate a large plate of leftover spaghetti that could have fed five.
posted by LoriFLA 04 May | 10:52
One-coat paint that is called 'Once' needs at least two coats, even on a very pale beige wall.

Ain't that the truth. I seriously thought about calling the Trading Standards out on that stuff.
posted by chrismear 04 May | 10:53
Update: we got one councillor, in Glasgow. Ruth. She's lovely. She'll be a great councillor.

Thank God. I am grateful.

We're gonna be ok. Got to keep the momentum up so have volunteered for placard removal next week.
posted by By the Grace of God 04 May | 11:11
1) Today is nicest day of the year, weather-wise, and I wish I could just skive off and go hiking but I'm running 8 westerns :( Hopefully I finish early so I can go to our pub and sit on the patio.

2) I got my hair cut and dyed by my favourite stylist yesterday and so I look awesome today. :)

3) I feel happier and more energetic today that I've felt in months! Weehoo!
posted by LunaticFringe 04 May | 11:41
1) I just spent the last few hours unloading 30,000 pounds of donated bagged topsoil, manure, and lobster compost by hand from a flatbread trailer with only four other people to help. A lot of it was frozen like a brick, and that which wasn't frozen carried little friends like worms and slugs.

2) Fortunately it's a beautiful day to be outside, cool and sunny with a wonderful breeze. And I can skip the gym tonight.

3) And now the horticulture director (who will be using this topsoil) is taking us all out to lunch. So, yay. Must go wash hands.
posted by Miko 04 May | 13:04
1. It's a lovely day here too and it looks to be a the same all weekend and into next week. yay!
2. I had chirashi at lunch. Yum.
3. I've plans for (hopefully) a quick shopping trip after work to pick up the last part of a housewarming gift that will be presented this Sunday - I refuse to go to a mall on Saturdays because they're a zoo and people just walk too damn slow for me.
posted by phoenixc 04 May | 13:23
1. That frigging one-coat paint was useless. It was like trying to paint with marscapone. It went on a lot better for the second coat when I dampened the roller a little.

2. I've got lamb shank and brown rice for dinner.

3. Yay! Tonight is 'American Idol' night in the UK - the performance show followed by the results show, heavily edited to remove all the vote-vote-vote stuff (which would be useless to us in the UK). As the season goes on it gets harder and harder to avoid seeing the results on the US news sites I read, but I'm usually successful and the elimination comes as a surprise.
posted by essexjan 04 May | 13:38
1) Cumulative lack of sleep + bad annoying dreams when I finally do sleep = cranky, depressed bmarkey

2) There will be napping before work. This is good, because I need it, but bad because it's so nice out today.

3) On the other hand, it's Friday. This means loud music and beer tomorrow night. If I live that long.
posted by bmarkey 04 May | 14:07
1) Sleepless for the time being as i'm having trouble adjusting to sleeping alone again...

2) Am very excited about this weekends Wiffle Ball Tourney...i hit a grand slam and pitched a shutout last weekend...

3) Will be spending the early part of next week helping the ex-ex-gf move into her new condo...probably lots of nookie and sleep(since i won't be sleeping alone) ;)

p.s. an acquaintance was on the most recent "Veronica Mars"...woot!
posted by Schyler523 04 May | 15:39
1. Returned from dinner with 'rents. Happy anniversary m & p who will never ever see this ever.
2. Got to walk in the breeze with kittycats at the golden hour. It was like a perfect Massangil moment.
3. Should have gotten cigarettes and contemplating a means to that end while reveling in being free! free! free! from responsibilities to time and other people. Wondering where a person might have stashed cigarettes at some point even thought i know there are none anywhere in this place.
posted by ethylene 04 May | 19:30
1. Returned from my friend's funeral. He was only 33. His wife is also a very good friend, a widow at 43. Sucks.
2. Fielded questions from other co-workers regarding the co-workers/friends above. Cried with several friends again.
3. Forgot that I have a vacation next week, due to the shock of the last several day.

I am sorry, everyone. It was just such a shock to lose someone so young so quickly. He and his wife were everything to each other and I worry about her. So I'm a bit touchy, weepy, and grouchy. My apologies.
posted by redvixen 04 May | 20:03
Don't you dare apologize, redvixen! What a crappy, crappy situation. I'm so sorry for your loss and for the pain you're going through. Many, many hugs and kisses to you.
posted by jrossi4r 04 May | 20:33
Having been through something similar, redvixen, I know what your friend's going through. I'm glad she has the support of friends. Talk about him, it really helps. Encourage her to talk about him too. I collared just about anyone who said 'hello' in those first few weeks after George died, I needed to talk about him, tell people who never even knew him, and some who never knew he existed, how special he was to me.
posted by essexjan 05 May | 00:51
So sorry redvixen. Please stay in there and talk with your friend if she wants to talk. I wish you both well.
posted by arse_hat 05 May | 00:56
Thank you very much, everyone. You all being there to let me vent means a lot to me.
posted by redvixen 05 May | 19:29
For some reason this morning I woke up thinking about educational films. || It's Raining Florence Henderson is apparently in the hospital.