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04 May 2007

It's Raining Florence Henderson is apparently in the hospital. Does anyone live near him who can go check on him or something?
Seattle area, right? I feel so badly for him - I had the exact same thing.
posted by iconomy 04 May | 09:34
Oh no! Flo! If you see this, many hugs and kisses to you. (Gentle ones, so as not to hurt your sausage arms.)
posted by jrossi4r 04 May | 09:40
With the blod clots and everything, iconomy? (Look for his comment in the comment stream.... scary!)
posted by Doohickie 04 May | 09:42
Ow, ow, ow. Too many pinpricks. Get well, IRFH.
posted by Miko 04 May | 09:42
eeeppp.. hope you feel better, IRFH!
posted by By the Grace of God 04 May | 09:50
Wow, Flo- hope you're feeling better soon!
posted by BoringPostcards 04 May | 09:53
IRFH became a pincushion? That is no fun at all. If you're reading this by any chance, get well soon!
posted by richat 04 May | 09:54
All the best, IRFH, hope your recovery is quick!
posted by gaspode 04 May | 09:58
Shoot. Hope he gets better. Recover quickly, funnyman.
posted by jonmc 04 May | 09:59
IRFH, hope you'll be able to go home soon. Good wishes for quick recovery and good health!
posted by LoriFLA 04 May | 10:05
Oh no. Bunnyhugs on their way across the Atlantic.
posted by essexjan 04 May | 10:06
Get well!
posted by omiewise 04 May | 10:07
Doohickie, I had a weird strain of pneumonia, high fever, clots, the oxygen tent, intensive care, priest called in for last rites...all kinds of fun stuff. I think I was in the hospital for almost 2 weeks but I can't remember any of it, other than the nurses commenting on what a great patient I was.

Hugs and kisses and good vibrations flo-ing your way, irfh...
posted by iconomy 04 May | 10:08
Thanks for posting this, interrobang. Damn, ico - that's so scary. eek.

We love you, Flo; the power of bunnies is with you.
posted by taz 04 May | 10:22
Get well soon IRFH. You've got a certain Wessonality.
posted by rainbaby 04 May | 10:26
Wow iconomy! The only reason I asked, is I missed the comment IRFH wrote and thought it was just a bad cold at first! Glad to see you made it!
posted by Doohickie 04 May | 10:28
Healing vibes coming your way from hippie central in Asheville! If that fails, can I send a microbrew or 12? Get better soon dahlink!! Here's hoping that you immediately at least get better enough to ogle nurses and enjoy the meds.
posted by mygothlaundry 04 May | 10:31
I knew something felt missing around here.
posted by mischief 04 May | 10:34
Get better flo, if you need anything holler.
posted by Divine_Wino 04 May | 10:40
I hope you get well super fast IRFH!

*beams healthy thoughts to Seattle*
posted by LunaticFringe 04 May | 10:56
Feel better!
posted by brujita 04 May | 10:59
Get well!
posted by drezdn 04 May | 11:16
Oof, I hope you feel better real soon, IRFH! We're nothing without you.
posted by muddgirl 04 May | 11:31
OMG Wessonality!! I totally forgot about Wessonality!! (Get better IRFH!)
posted by Claudia_SF 04 May | 12:03
Get well soon IRFH!!

And remember:
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by CitrusFreak12 04 May | 12:29
Oh, being in the hospital sucks. Get well soon!
posted by Twiggy 04 May | 12:52
Here's hoping you'll be sprinkling again soon.
posted by danostuporstar 04 May | 13:19
I would happily go check on IRFH, but when I called Swedish Hospital and asked if they had It's Raining Florence Henderson checked in as a patient, they laughed, told me to quit fucking around, and hung up. :(

Best wishes for speedy recovery, wherever you are.
posted by bmarkey 04 May | 14:18
posted by shane 04 May | 15:28
when I called Swedish Hospital and asked if they had It's Raining Florence Henderson checked in as a patient, they laughed, told me to quit fucking around, and hung up. :(

This made me lol...and then frown.
*sends warm fuzzies and hugs*
posted by Schyler523 04 May | 15:31
Get well soon!

≡ Click to see image ≡

Good thing cyber-hugs can't pass on anything contagious.
posted by deborah 04 May | 15:42
IRFH said (in his blog comments)...
Hey, thanks for all the support! I seem to be getting better slowly but surely. The clots are still pretty painful, but all of the scarey tests are coming up negative, so I should be out of here early next week. Then it's six months or so of blood thinners, and Bob's your uncle. The kidney function seems to be fine, right now I'm mostly just recovering. Thanks for all the love - it helps. Can somebody please cross-post this on the Mecha thread? I can't seem to log in from my phone. Thanks so much!

wendell replied...
From all of me to all of you, IRFH, heartfelt wishes for a full and faster recovery. If I'd known about this yesterday on National Day of Prayer, I'd have thrown in some praying. Personally, you make my alternating eye infections (right one cleared up 2 days before the left one swelled shut) feel so trivial by comparison. When your arms return to the consistency of COOKED sausages, we expect to see you terrorizing MeFi with your great sense of humor more than ever. Remember, we need you.
posted by wendell 04 May | 16:47
...and Bob's your uncle.

How did he KNOW?????
posted by Doohickie 04 May | 17:51
Eeek. Take it slow, IRFH. That makes 4 people I've heard of recently who had that crud. Fortunately, posting & playing online isn't terribly physically taxing, hurry back. No Wii for you for awhile!
posted by chewatadistance 04 May | 18:37
Poor bunny!

get well, and that is a BUNNY ORDER.
posted by bunnyfire 04 May | 19:21
Ooo, please get well soon, IRFH!!! Take it slow!
posted by redvixen 04 May | 20:06
We can have Alice send over some chicken soup. OTOH, maybe cool lime JELL-O Brand Gelatin tastes better, huh?
posted by rob511 04 May | 21:36
That sucks. But I'm glad to hear that the tests are coming back OK.

Please take it easy and take care of yourself. Me, I'm the type who would chafe at the very notion of being sick, of needing to rest and would bound back into my normal routine and fuck myself up.

Don't be like me. Take it slow. And be well.

posted by jason's_planet 04 May | 22:12
Get well soon, IRFH.
posted by amro 05 May | 00:09
It's raining get well wishes from me, too!
posted by scody 05 May | 00:57
Actually, Bob's my brother-in-law, but I'll take what I can get.

Glad to hear from you IRFH. Be good to yourself and get healthy.
posted by deborah 06 May | 12:05
three point status update || London meetup/picnic from 2pm tomorrow (Saturday), at Green Park.