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03 May 2007

Radio Mecha - Music Box: Jazz Here I am, following up paulsc with some more jazz. I'm picking things as I go along, so if you've got a suggestion, please just say the word.

First, John McLaughlin again, this time playing guitar on Miles Davis' 'Thinkin One Thing and Doin' Another,' from 1972's On The Corner.
Next, another Davis alumna, Herbie Hancock. 'Sound System' is from the 1984 album of the same name.
posted by box 03 May | 20:08
Hancock also appears on this number, the title song of Bobby Hutcherson's 1967 Oblique.
posted by box 03 May | 20:13
Hutcherson's drummer? Paul Chambers. Here he is again, as part of Max Roach's percussion ensemble. This is 'Epistrophy.'
posted by box 03 May | 20:21
'Epistrophy' is a Thelonious Monk song, so here's another: it's the Art Ensemble of Chicago doing 'Round Midnight.'
posted by box 03 May | 20:29
He played on that AEC album, but not that song. But here he is, Cecil Taylor, playing piano with Mary Lou Williams. It's 'The Lord is Heavy,' from 1977's Embraced.
posted by box 03 May | 20:43
And, because I've been consumed with him lately, here he is again: Cecil Taylor, 'Ell Moving Track,' from a 1990 trio recording, In Florescence, with William Parker and Gregg Bendian.
posted by box 03 May | 20:50
"88 tuned drums," indeed.
posted by paulsc 03 May | 20:51
Two years later, Bendian and Parker record with lavishly-mustachioed German free-jazz icon Peter Brotzmann. 'Because Patterns Two.'
posted by box 03 May | 20:55
"His playing, brash and aggressive, continues to destroy speakers worldwide."

"...I was sitting with Cecil [Taylor] in one of those Berlin nights very long and we discussed [it] and he explained to me why he hates to be called a �jazz� musician. ..."
posted by paulsc 03 May | 21:06
It's 'Posium Pendasem #3,' by Parker and his In Order To Survive group.
posted by box 03 May | 21:06
That's a great Brotzmann interview, paulsc.
posted by box 03 May | 21:09
Good set you've got going here, box.
posted by paulsc 03 May | 21:13
Thanks. Parker and percussionist Susie Ibarra both appear again, this time playing in the David S. Ware Quartet. This is 'Dinosauria.'
posted by box 03 May | 21:18
Phil Ranelin's 'Wife,' from 1976's Vibes From The Tribe, is a song I really like. So is Cassandra Wilson's version of 'I Wished on the Moon,' from her first album as a leader, Point of View.
posted by box 03 May | 21:33
This is Aleta Hayes, singing with William Parker's big band, the Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra. The song is 'James Baldwin to the Rescue,' from 2000's Mayor of Punkville.
posted by box 03 May | 21:39
The next song is the last song. If you think you know what it is, you're probably right. Goodnight, and thanks for listening--I hope you enjoyed it.
posted by box 03 May | 21:55
(It's The Platters' classic 'Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight.' Goodnight.)
posted by box 03 May | 21:58
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