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02 May 2007

Three point update. [More:]

1. If my boss puts on that fucking Coldplay album one more time I'm going to scream.

2. I have a (dry) peppermint teabag in my shirt. Why, you ask? Because I find the scent soothing as it rises.

3. In three days I will be in Florida at my mom's house, settin' on the porch and drinkin' rum & pomegranate juice. Woo!
1. Stuck in a loop ruminating about MY LIFE, which I generally don't do and don't enjoy. The ruminating, not the life, that's all a matter of perspective. I guess.

2. Chasing down a check I still haven't gotten for work I did on JANUARY 31st.

3. Veering dangerously into SHOUTING territory.
posted by rainbaby 02 May | 13:25
1. My right nut is extra sensitive, and I don't know why. I worry the cancer will take me before my appointment next week.

2. I am working. But I'm all hopped up on gingko, which makes me feel smart.

3. I am not having sex.
posted by Hellbient 02 May | 13:29
Oh thanks so much for the reminder, hellbient!

4. I am not having sex. *wails, rends clothing*
posted by Specklet 02 May | 13:33
1. I think I'm coming out of my first ever crush on someone while married. It's all kind of odd.

2. Bridge tonight, yay!

3. Thinking about our party in a few weeks. It's gonna be awesome.
posted by gaspode 02 May | 13:33
1. I'm back! I got the computer set up in the living room.

2. Underneath the evil carpet (now cut into bits and taken to the council dump) the thick felt that I thought would not come off just rolled up in one lovely piece, with only a tiny bit stuck to the edge.

3a. So I have ordered the vinyl floor, it looks like dark oak floorboards and is only 90. It will be fitted next Wednesday so I have lots of time to finish the room. The floor looks like this.

3.b I got a Chinese banquet (for two) in Waitrose tonight for just 3.29 (reduced from 10.49) so tonight while I watch Man Utd on TV I'll have the sesame chicken and garlic & ginger prawn with egg fried rice, and tomorrow it'll be crispy duck with pancakes, spring rolls and ribs.
posted by essexjan 02 May | 13:33
1. Spent part of last night watching Rachel Ray eat her way through Kona and realized that I would never ever eat or visit any of the places she went, when I go there this summer.

2. I have a lot of tiny balls in the air at work but I am not stressed about any of them.

3. I am headed out for a high school (checking out a few things for work), where, after lunch, the kitchen staff puts out a lot of food on a big silver table that would otherwise get tossed, and any other staff can come in and graze or take any of it. This is low quality food. I should not eat it, even if it's free. I'll probably eat some, though.
posted by danf 02 May | 13:35
1) Newly single and not really liking it but it's for the best. Squirrels aren't my type.

2) Have to redo all of my figures in Illustrator after Photoshopping every single image. Going to take me weeks :(

3) It's sunny and warmish outside and I want to go outside and play.

EJ: The food sounds fantastic and congrats on the flooring! It'll look great when the room's all done!
posted by LunaticFringe 02 May | 13:39
1. Sick, again, with a really lovely cold.

2. Slightly annoyed that friends are hassling me about my disappearance from social events, when said disappearance is due almost entirely to the various kinds of sick I've been having loads of fun dealing with.

3. Um...tired? And cranky. And sick. And feeling stupid.
posted by Fuzzbean 02 May | 13:48
1. If my boss puts on that fucking Coldplay album one more time I'm going to scream.

Are you sure you aren't interested in that job at my company?
posted by pieisexactlythree 02 May | 13:48
1. A lot going on at work, and it's stressful, but it's [mostly] all for the best.

2. Spring in Seattle is always kind of schizoid weather-wise.

3. I bought a bunch of CDs yesterday, yay!

LF: Sorry to hear about your breakup.
posted by matildaben 02 May | 13:55
1. Two more months. breathe
2. Peacock blue is my favorite color again this year.
3. It's time to make a shopping list when you're robbing batteries from a vibrator.
posted by auntbunny 02 May | 14:02
1. I'm going to New York today!
2. When I get back, Hell Week starts.
3. Hell Week includes having locks changed, having floors done, painting, and moving into new place. And maybe making a visit to the courthouse with my sweetie, if we have time.
posted by goatdog 02 May | 14:09
1. It's my 2nd full day back in my "real life" after a long weekend away and it's busy. I'm still playing catch-up and I've missed you guys.
2. My hair's really long now and I don't know if I can hold out until next month for my stylist to come off mat leave...assuming she's taking the 6 months off she'd originally intended.
3. Still feeling sleepy but glad that there are just a couple hours left to this work day.
posted by phoenixc 02 May | 14:14
1. I leave in one hour to pick my mom up from the airport.
2. What is she going to do with Mudd-Dude for the next two days while I'm at work?
3. How can I explain to her that my friend is throwing a party for Cinco de Mayo, and thus I DON'T want to drive her to Dallas?
posted by muddgirl 02 May | 14:17
Wow, things sound pretty interesting around here. Sorry to hear LF, and sounds good goatdog! Yay for new music, matildaben! Bummer about the no sex Specklet and hellbient! Hope that nut is alright! For mine:

1) mrs richat is out of the hospital and off the morphine. She's struggling to find the patience to let her back heal, but she's winning today. This makes me happy.

2) Bummed that Hillside sold out in hours...

3) But looking forward to summer, and the camping, canoeing, fixing up the yard post-weeping tile job of last fall, etc.
posted by richat 02 May | 14:28
1. This weekend, we throw my mother's birthday party, so I really ought to get cranking prepping some of those dishes. (And thanks, everyone, for such fun suggestions! Y'all really like bacon, huh?)

2. Still feeling under the weather, though my voice is coming back.

3. I just put on Sideways, which I've been saving for ages, so I'm going to give it my full attention.
posted by Elsa 02 May | 14:30
1. My brother was hospitalized for pneumonia again last Friday.
2. Fuck, I'm scared. He had a partner die of AIDS last year. Not his first either.
3. My family is so reserved and closed off about this shit, I have no idea if my fears are founded and I probably won't unless....fuck.
posted by danostuporstar 02 May | 14:37

sending your brother and you good thoughts...
posted by gaspode 02 May | 14:39
1) Finally over my first cold in ages that lasted longer than a week. It's nice to be able to breathe deep without kicking off a massive coughing fit.

2) A work project I was wound drum-tight about came off with very few hitches.

(Was anybody at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival this past weekend? Did you enjoy the Borders tent? The red in the logo was supplied by my bleeding ulcer!)

3) Man, I slept well last night. Everything feels good and/or manageable today. I need to do that more often.

posted by Lentrohamsanin 02 May | 14:43
Crap, dano. My family is the same way, though nothing as serious as what you're going through has come up yet.
posted by Lentrohamsanin 02 May | 14:46
Thanks peeps :)

I hope your brother makes a speedy recovery dano. It is a scary thing but all you can do is visit and do whatever is necessary to help him get better as fast as possible. I'll send healthy thoughts his way.

Glad your wife is home richat! I hope she also makes a speedy recovery. Back troubles hurt, I've been lucky to not have many.

Hope you feel better Fuzz! I'm on drugs right now that make me anemic if I'm not careful. I found that out the hard didn't think it necessary to warn me of that I guess.
posted by LunaticFringe 02 May | 14:49
1. bought external hard drive and usb 2.o card
2. had some beer and fish and chips at some Irish dive on park ave south and 29th (and stumped the old farts with a baseball trivia question)
3. am back home chilling with a can of cashews
posted by jonmc 02 May | 15:02
(also, good thoughts to you and yours, dano)
posted by jonmc 02 May | 15:08
Thanks, all. The upside is
4. His sweet little dog is staying with us for awhile.
posted by danostuporstar 02 May | 15:10
dano, sending your brother good wishes for a speedy recovery and good health.

1. Spent the day cleaning and doing laundry. And seething that husband was lying on the couch this morning doing nothing. It's a control thing. I'm working on it.

2. Watching Manhattan Murder mystery with husband at this moment.

3. Having Publix subs for dinner, and looking very forward to it. That's my life, excited about subs.

(jonmc, can you share the baseball trivia question?)
posted by LoriFLA 02 May | 15:22
nevermind, just noticed it in another thread.
posted by LoriFLA 02 May | 15:23
1. Working again (after 7 months unemployed).

2. Trying to fight off some kind of cold thingy.

3. Getting some writing done these days, for a change. Apparently all I needed was to start working again. Who knew?
posted by dersins 02 May | 15:24
LoriFLA: who was the last white guy to lead either major league in stolen bases?
posted by jonmc 02 May | 15:26
1. Work is crazy. Hair being pulled out.

2. My dad's in town for a couple of days (new gallery out in Palm Desert that took about a dozen of his paintings), so we're having dinner in Pasadena tonight. Yay!

3. Um. Did I mention work is crazy?
posted by scody 02 May | 15:32
1. It's my mom's birthday.
2. When I called to conngratulate her she freaked on me since I had forgotten to turn in my taxes. So I ran around like a mad-hat and did taxes.
3. Thus forgetting was I was supposed to do, so I missed an audition today. Still, it was for a part 5-10 years younger than me, I was mainly going to see if I could pass for 5-10 years younger. I could use the boost.
posted by dabitch 02 May | 16:39
1: Waaaaaaaay tired and overworked
2: Baby sitting my niece on Saturday - woo!
3: just about to finish a bottle of red
posted by TheDonF 02 May | 16:54
1. Making fondant seemed like a workable idea, now it seems a dangerous and pointless endeavor i should avoid. Need to figure out an alternate decorating plan.
2. i think these metabolism boosters are working and as i become more adjusted to them, i hope my out of control libido will be slightly less out of control.
3. i hope everyone recovers well, enjoys their vittles, gets over any awkwardness and feels sexy without unwanted attention and oppression.
posted by ethylene 02 May | 16:55
1. I so totally agree with ethylene's third point.

2. I want an out of control libido again. It's fun if it's not all the time. I'm too tired to have a libido.

3. Everyone, please remember to wear sunscreen. I burned my wee freckled nose today. Which means SUN OooooH FUN! but don't forget the sunscreen. HUGS FOR ALL. I'm going to bed to have wet dreams. ;)
posted by dabitch 02 May | 17:18
1. My soon-to-be-ex-husband met with a lawyer today to go over the divorce paperwork I filed last week. His email update said that he was pretty much ok with what I did, although there were a few things we still apparently need to agree on. I am relieved that this is not going to turn into a battle, but extremely curious as to what those few things are.

2. I saw my surgeon today, and everything is healing well, and the incision I thought was infected is not infected after all. I am cleared to engage in sex again, which is good, since I couldn't hold out any more and started having sex last Thursday.

3. I have a date with my almost-sweetie on Friday to see a Japanese drum performance, and I have a new, cute dress to wear. I will have to resist turning to him between acts and asking "Did you really mean that you couldn't bring me home to your mother because I'm not Catholic or were you just joking around?"
posted by Twiggy 02 May | 18:14
1. Still feeling a bit queasy. (A little too soon to have had that burger from Sonic for lunch, I guess.)

2. Didn't go to the gym since last Friday. That ain't good.

3. I let hubby watch Gilmore Girls last night instead of my watching American Idol. Was happy to find that YouTube was looking out for me in that regard. (Go, Melinda, go!)
posted by bunnyfire 02 May | 18:35
Oh, and yes, I AM married to a man who watches Gilmore Girls. He liked that Ya-Ya sisterhood movie too. My friends consider him an honorary woman.
posted by bunnyfire 02 May | 18:36
*hugs and whuffles dano, LF, and the others who are having a difficult time of it*

1. Missed the ferry by 5 minutes yesterday, so what was supposed to be a one-day mad rush-around in town turned into that plus a night plus another run to the ferry, including far too much time in the truck with my boss.

2. This meant that I got to call a friend who I haven't seen in far too long and visit and sleep in her spare room, and score some free cat medication for our local rescue person. Also got to see the friend who she's re-hooked-up-with, who I haven't seen since he moved to England 2 years ago. He may or may not be returning to Dublin (where he relocated) and taking my friend with him. They are two of my closest friends and favourite people, so this makes me very happy for them and very sad for me.

3. Also got to see the male friend's new tattoo, which is ultra-super-awesome, even as a work in progress. It's Gaudi's unfinished cathedral, which he's going to finish by putting fez monkeys in the appropriate places. Said he talked to Gaudi and the man's cool with it. It covers his entire back. He's hands-down my favourite eccentric, and this will make me grin for ages. Can't wait to see the finished product.
posted by elizard 02 May | 19:53
1. Discovered that the contractor DID update the workmen's comp.
2. considering going to the opening of the movie my brother produced and causing a scene
3.have to do laundry because the office toilet overflowed

*hugs dano*
posted by brujita 02 May | 22:35
1. Exam tomorrow, and my head is in a fog I can't escape.
2. Nursing care plan due Friday which I can't focus on because there's a test tomorrow and my head is in a fog and all that.
3. Final exam on Monday.
4. Shitting myself. Help.
posted by viachicago 03 May | 00:04
posted by danostuporstar 03 May | 14:25
Yay for good news, dano!
posted by gaspode 03 May | 14:28
OMG Ferrets! || Ratatouille