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23 March 2007

Radio TDF A couple of hours of stuff for whatever time it is with you this Friday.
Cold Sun Of Circumstance - Deus (from Pocket Revolution)
Just - Radiohead - Radiohead (from The Bends)
Slow Hands - Interpol (from Antics)
Honeybee (Let's Fly To Mars) - Grinderman (From Grinderman)
Four Kicks - Kings Of Leon (from Aha Shake Heartbreak)
Black Dog - Led Zeppelin (from IV)
posted by TheDonF 23 March | 14:20
Requests any song that could be played for people doing overtime on a Friday evening. Esp. Songs which involve hugely complicated server configurations and head scratching.
posted by seanyboy 23 March | 14:26
And crying. Never forget the crying.
posted by seanyboy 23 March | 14:27
Oh, I have spent the last week completely falling in love with You Never Give Me Your Money, and here you are playing it, you genius.
posted by chrismear 23 March | 14:29
Turn! Turn! Turn! - The Byrds (from Turn! Turn! Turn!)
You Never Give Me Your Money - The Beatles (from Abbey Road)
Star Blanket River Child - Brightblack Morning Light (from Brightblack Morning Light)

@chrismear - tis a great song indeed and, barring that Ringo track, a great album
@seanyboy - mmm, upbeat? Shouty? Screamy? Depressing?
posted by TheDonF 23 March | 14:37
posted by seanyboy 23 March | 14:42
posted by seanyboy 23 March | 14:43
*digs out that Napalm Death album he has stashed somewhere* Righty ho! It gets a little noiser later but if you want some louder stuff then I'll whack on some stuff at the end. I'll have a look at what's about.
posted by TheDonF 23 March | 14:52
It Makes No Difference - The Band (from Northern Lights-Southern Cross), nb this was in jonmc's top 300
Young Urban - Ambulance Ltd (from Ambulance Ltd)
Can't Exist - Joseph Arthur (from Our Shadows Will Remain)
Drugs - Simple Kid (from 1)
posted by TheDonF 23 March | 15:00
Baby Body - Youth Group (from Skeleton Jar)
Hate, Then Love - The Dears (from Gang Of Losers)
Annie, Let's Not Wait - The Guillemots (from Through The Window Pane)

* have lined up shouty - very shouty (read "heavy") - stuff for the end of this set. Assuming that no one else books a set, it'll get played. You'll know when it starts. Oh yes.
posted by TheDonF 23 March | 15:13
Skinny Boy - Amy Milan (from Honey From The Tombs)
Monday - Fair (from The Best Worst-Case Scenario)
Party Pit - The Hold Steady (from Boys And Girls In America) - good new video just out for Stuck Between Stations
Munich - Editors (from The Back Room)
By My Side - Kasabian (from Empire)
posted by TheDonF 23 March | 15:31
Potential Futures - Duels (from The Bright Lights And What I Should Have Learned)
The Middle - Jimmy Eat World (from Jimmy Eat World/Bleed American)
Hard To Beat - Hard-Fi (from Stars Of CCTV)
Boys Don't Cry - The Cure (from Three Imaginary Boys)
posted by TheDonF 23 March | 15:48
Nowhere Again - Secret Machines (from Now Here Is Nowhere)
Load Me Up - Matthew Good Band (from Beautiful Midnight)
Roll Out The Heartbreakers - Gersey (from No Satellites)

************* All change please - metal, lots of it - coming up *************
posted by TheDonF 23 March | 15:55
Yay! Metal! Metal! Metal!
posted by TheDonF 23 March | 16:01
Die Like A Motherfucker - Therapy? (from Never Apologise, Never Explain)
Hanger 18 - Megadeth (from Rust In Peace)
Roots Bloody Roots - Sepultura (from Roots Bloody Roots)
Ænima - Tool (from Ænima)
posted by TheDonF 23 March | 16:16
The lyrics for the track Ænima are based around Bill Hicks's Arizona Bay sketch. Indeed, the album features a portrait of him and, IIRC, is dedicated to him.
posted by TheDonF 23 March | 16:24
Whose Fist Is This Anyway? - Prong (from Cleansing)
Starfuckers, Inc - Nine Inch Nails (from The Fragile)
NWO - Ministry (from Psalm 69)
Jet Pilot - System Of A Down (from Toxicity)
Jesus Christ Pose - Soundgarden (from Badmotorfinger)
Wasted Years - Iron Maiden (from Somewhere In Time)
Sad But True - Metallica (from Metallica/The Black Album)
Brainsaw - Therapy? (from Troublegum)

That's it - I'm done. Time to collapse with what's left of this bottle of red and whatever junk is on TV.
posted by TheDonF 23 March | 17:00
I tuned in for long enough to catch that Simple Kid song. Nice discovery. Thanks!
posted by stilicho 24 March | 00:28
Hey stilicho - if you mail me, I might have something cool for you
posted by TheDonF 24 March | 07:13
Friday 3-point status report. || Landlord rules?