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21 March 2007

Three Point Status Update...of DOOM! 1) I got a mover! His name is Colin, he's coming on the 28th at 2PM.[More:]
2) I am packing! I am throwing clothes in rubble-grade bin bags. Making a list of addresses to notify of change, too. Is there a way to get the UK Post Office to forward mail for you?
3) I have a weird pain in my lower-left gut that seems to be associated with having to poop.
1. I had finished my work this morning by 10.30. I had been allocated four cases brought by the same person against four different defendants. All the claims were identical and were all hopeless. So, copy 'n' paste x 4, and I was done.

2. I'm eating lunch - tuna and cottage cheese, and the oven is heating up ready to roast some squash and peppers for the soup I'm making later.

3. I taped "Election" last night and will watch it this afternoon. It's one of my favourite movies.

4. I realise I have a very good life. My thoughts are with Brainwidth, working all those hours.

Also, has anybody heard from mischief?
posted by essexjan 21 March | 08:18
1. The project I've worked on for the last three months is being absolutely gutted today by two executives whose idea of how to tell a story is: "Make it faster! Make it louder!" AAAAAARGH.

2. A boatload of cool new music came out this week, and I should have several new CDs from Amazon waiting when I get home. (Arcade Fire, Panda Bear, and Modest Mouse, specifically.)

3. If I drink any more hot tea this morning, I'm liable to start shaking like a chihuahua.

posted by BoringPostcards 21 March | 08:35
Oh, BP, they deserve a THWACK!!!!ing.
posted by By the Grace of God 21 March | 08:41
1. Can't eat today
2. Drinking magnesium citrate, yum yum
3. The new Arcade Fire is good, BP. As is the new Stooges.
posted by gaspode 21 March | 08:41
1. This is the last of three quite idle workdays: I am listening to Sibelius and pretending to look slightly busy.
2. The internet is so cool! This week I have used it to order some British Easter Eggs of the kind unavailable in this corner of Scandinavia; and to order a new phono pre-amplifier & interconnects; and to book my summer vacation.
3. I continue to be amazed at being able to live without caffeine: whoever would have though it were possible?
posted by misteraitch 21 March | 08:44
1. Realized work situation is hopeless
2. Playing with internet while this soaks in.
3. Otherwise pretty great.
posted by richat 21 March | 08:44
What a day. Never mind the fact that we moved everyone over to a new server and that server is now freezing intermittently. never mind that everyone seems to have been using the old Domain Names which were phased out 6 months ago. Never mind that the workforce is down to 50% because everyone else is on holiday or at the hospital coughing up blood. Never mind that I've been running patches on the fly because an install that had to go in last night was fubared and I didn't notice. Never mind the fact that the phone's being going crazy because someone decided to make changes to the Remote Printing without telling anyone.

Never mind any of that. That's just the DOOM. Here's my three point status Update.

- Hopefully Luke will bring me back a bacon sandwich.

- The next thing I will do is specified thusly:
"Validate against Day/Night numbers on the same date when saving a booking"

- Tonight I go out drinking with my poetry buddy.
posted by seanyboy 21 March | 08:55
1. Trying to come up with something fun and interesting to do tomorrow.
2. Watching Al Gore's opening statement
3. Going to the park soon.
posted by LoriFLA 21 March | 09:09
Is there a way to get the UK Post Office to forward mail for you?

Yep - go to your local post office and ask them for the forms that you need. It's really straight forward.

The Arcade Fire album is fan-frikken-tastic.
posted by TheDonF 21 March | 10:05
1. Making figures and assembling data for a paper that could be very interesting but most likely won't be.

2. Trying to decide the theme of said paper - I have all this data but what is the overall picture it paints?

3. Why isn't is warm yet? I want warmth dammit! I want to sweat and be hot. Everyday I check the weather and it says tomorrow will be warm but when tomorrow comes it's still sunny (yay!) and cold (boo!). It's like I'm caught in some weird time loop (think GroundHog Day).
posted by LunaticFringe 21 March | 10:06
1. I need shoes. I have one pair of heavy, smelly shoes with no holes. Puddles are a menace.

2. Parent/teacher conferences tomorrow night. Long, long day... eight to eight-thirty, with a break for dinner. I'm not teaching, though. I have an AP workshop during the day.

3. Thinking of you, 'pode... tomorrow the day? That magnesium citrate is quite effective, I must say. And so delicious. I had to get it down a shot at a time (but I'm a whimp). All the best, kiddo. It's gonna be fine.
posted by Pips 21 March | 10:45
Found a cool new spot with great food and good prices at the market near our house; there are hookahs on the tables and tree branches with glittery lights hovering below the ceiling.

The sea and the weather conspired today to do this amazing optical trick where, from a distance of several blocks, the sea appears to rise as a wall the height of a tallish office building, with a ship floating on top. Hard to describe, unutterably wonderful to see.

These two things and many more are breaking my heart, since we have to leave them.
posted by taz 21 March | 11:12
1. I hate numbers and linked excel files right now - which kinda sucks because that's what I've got to work on right now

2. I have the blahs and I don't know why - I wanna go somewhere but am not sure about the when and where. Maybe some retail therapy will make it better in the meantime...

3. It's Wednesday and that means Caramelo is the featured flavour at my local Second Cup! (sometimes, it's the little things...)
posted by phoenixc 21 March | 11:15
Is there a way to get the UK Post Office to forward mail for you?

The magic word is 'redirect' as in 'Royal Mail Redirect', and it'll cost you a bit of money and you'll have to go to the post office to fill in the forms (as TheDonF says) but it's pretty easy.
posted by altolinguistic 21 March | 11:53
1. Got a new cast put on broken wrist today that gives me slightly more play in fingers and hence am able to type comfortably for the first time in two weeks. YAY!

2. Apparently in honor of the first day of spring, we're supposed to have thunderstorms here this afternoon. ALSO YAY!

3. Pips's post on going to the dentist reminds me unpleasantly that I too need to go in and see if I can get someone to figure out why I'm having intermittent but intense, Marathon-Man-level pain in the molar that I paid GOOD CASH MONEY to have a root canal/crown done in several years ago, in the course of which they supposedly KILLED THE NERVE and thus I can't understand why I am having the STABBY PAIN. Boo.
posted by kat allison 21 March | 11:57
Might be pain radiating from another tooth, katallison... I remember when jon had something similar. One tooth hurt, but the problem was with another tooth. (Not that I'm one to talk.)
posted by Pips 21 March | 16:35
Hm, interesting -- the one next to it has a big honkin' filling so that could be it. Damned TEETH. Why do they have to be so difficult? (Hope yours present no difficulty or complications at all, Pips!)
posted by kat allison 21 March | 17:43
Bunny! OMG! || I want to BE a part of it.