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21 March 2007

Sending good vibes gaspode's way... gaspode is heading into surgery to remove an ovarian cyst.[More:] I had a similar surgery last year and I am convinced that it was Mecha-vibes that got me through it. Here's to gaspode! May her anaesthetic be gentle and her recovery be swift!
Best of luck, rat lady. ;>
posted by jonmc 21 March | 22:13
hear, hear!
posted by phoenixc 21 March | 22:15
gaspode, good wishes for a healthy and sans emesis recovery. : )
posted by LoriFLA 21 March | 22:19
*sending most excellent vibes*
posted by hojoki 21 March | 22:21
Wishing you all good things pode! Godspeed!
posted by arse_hat 21 March | 22:28
Malady takes all the fun out of surgery.
I'll be thinkin boutcha, gaspode!
posted by mischief 21 March | 22:29
Best to Gaspode, thinking lots of good thoughts about how much better things will be!!
posted by Sil 21 March | 22:32
She'll be right. Just make sure you're back on your feet in time to have a few tinnies and a rumba at the Super Eight.
posted by GeckoDundee 21 March | 22:36
Sil has it right... once it's over you'll feel SOOOO much better every month!
posted by kellydamnit 21 March | 22:39
more positive bunny vibes to La 'Pode!
posted by scody 21 March | 23:07
posted by casarkos 21 March | 23:30
Good luck, gaspode!
posted by me3dia 21 March | 23:51
Gee, I'm feeling the love. Or did someone stick a vibrator up my butt?
(I'm getting the strange feeling that I stole that one from Bill Hicks.)
posted by mischief 21 March | 23:55
*sends healing thoughts*
posted by brujita 22 March | 00:42
Good luck, I hope all goes well
posted by TheDonF 22 March | 01:57
Good luck, gaspode. I hope they don't find anything too gruesome.
posted by essexjan 22 March | 02:41
Good luck gaspode. This week seems like the week that bad things happen to good people.
posted by King of Prontopia 22 March | 03:10
Good luck 'pode! Kick that cyst's butt!
posted by By the Grace of God 22 March | 04:01
aw, thanks guys. Y'all are the nicest. I'm heading to the hospital in a few minutes. Have a great day!
posted by gaspode 22 March | 06:01
*sends positive vibes towards gaspode's operating room*
posted by BoringPostcards 22 March | 06:54
*adds her thoughts to the beams of goodness*

Good Luck on the op! I hope it is as uneventful as it is painless.
posted by LunaticFringe 22 March | 07:37
Best wishes, podey. Use your recovery time wisely to have people bring you things!
posted by Miko 22 March | 08:15

I hope it's sentient.
posted by mike9322 22 March | 08:27
Have a nice surgery, gaspode. Best wishes, good luck, I'll put in a word when I talk to God today. I'll be like, "God, damn it! Stupid Excel pivot table!" *shakes fist at ceiling* "Oh, and by the way, keep an eye out for gaspode, You know what's going down and just make sure she's okay, okay? Thanks, and while You're at it, could you get me a raise? Thanks."
posted by Hugh Janus 22 March | 08:28
Sending lots of good bunny vibes your way, gaspode!
posted by deborah 22 March | 11:08
Wishing you a safe surgery and a quick recovery. Good luck, good luck, good luck.
posted by Fuzzbean 22 March | 11:53
Is she done? Does she get to sleep for a few days? Will she dissect it herself?
Suddenly i'm grossed out by the prospect of finding teeth.
posted by ethylene 22 March | 12:22
Heal quickly, and for Heaven's sake, take it slow!!! Don't try to do too much, just relax and heal. And if necessary, a small pillow held to your abdomen as you have to get up and down helps.
posted by redvixen 22 March | 19:28
Drat || I am cooking gulyas for tomorrow. Friday will be braised pork ribs with cabbage.