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12 March 2007

Rep. Pete Stark (D-Calif) is the first Congress member in history to acknowledge his nontheism. [More:]Wow. I never realised this. I knew there was a stigma associated with atheism in the country, but wow. Good on you, Pete Stark! (via)
Wow, I didn't know ANY Congress member had come out of that particular closet. Good for him!
posted by BoringPostcards 12 March | 10:38
He just lost his shot at a Grammy.
posted by Atom Eyes 12 March | 10:45
WHAT??? Off with his head!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 12 March | 10:47
I saw on the Seattle Atheists mailing list that a congressperson was going to come out this week, but it didn't say who it was. I think I'm going to write the guy a letter!
posted by matildaben 12 March | 10:48
I just sent him a nice little email.
posted by box 12 March | 11:09
It begins...
posted by Hellbient 12 March | 11:23
thank god. (hee!)
posted by scody 12 March | 11:24
I, also, sent him a positive email.
posted by matildaben 12 March | 11:42
I sent him a box of Chick tracks and a mason jar full of my urine. But I did that for everyone in the House so it's nothing to do with this announcement.
posted by Lentrohamsanin 12 March | 14:45
Hmmm... If I registered, I'd be guaranteed some of the smartest traffic on the web... and constant monitoring by the NSA...
posted by wendell 12 March | 17:07
I love that the president of the Secular Coalition for America is "Herb Silverman."
posted by Pips 12 March | 17:33
Good for you, dude.
posted by jason's_planet 12 March | 20:11
I love that the president of the Secular Coalition for America is "Herb Silverman."


Props to the congressman from California.
posted by LoriFLA 12 March | 20:40
Well, the Stark office has clarified that he is actually a Unitarian, which is at least nominally religious. Religion for agnostics, they call it.

"Nontheist" != atheist. I'd call it a little stronger than agnostic, in fact -- something like you agree there's a religious force at work in life, but you're not sure if it's possible to count god(s).
posted by stilicho 12 March | 22:18
Franklin Pierce didn't swear on a Bible when he took the oath of office--he affirmed it instead.
posted by brujita 13 March | 00:42
Good for him. That had to be a scary step for someone in U.S. politics.
posted by deborah 13 March | 11:51
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