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26 February 2007

Dans le Noir? Can't decide whether this 'dinner in the dark' restaurant is neat or lame.[More:]
Probably depends on who you're with, and whether you're in a 'not taking it seriously' mood or not. Probably gonna try it anyway for the hell of it.
I have a friend who ate at one of these in Switzerland. It sounded like a fascinating experience.
posted by Miko 26 February | 10:36
Finally, somewhere I can take really ugly people out for a meal. I'm on my last stash of brown paper bags, so this could be a real life saver. Thanks!
/runs away quite quickly
posted by TheDonF 26 February | 10:51
I'd be afraid a mouse or a bug would be near me or even crawl on me and I wouldn't be able to see it. I'd have to be clad in full body armor to eat there. Maybe I'll just close my eyes and pretend.
posted by iconomy 26 February | 11:01
One of my pet peeves is being unable to read the damned menu!

They probably have an oral menu, or something.
posted by danf 26 February | 11:16
I would try it... If they had a nicer web site. Seriously. For something that's supposed to be a "concept" experience, I would expect a much more aesthetically reassuring site look and feel.

Even the food photographs suck (and this is something you really want to get right if you're a restaurant - this looks like, "hey, come try our greasy donkey balls, or our raw turnip and rock-hard, withered filet!").
posted by taz 26 February | 11:17
"We aren't used to completely dark environment since you hardly find this level of darkness in daily life as, we are used to small rays of light from the streetlights or moonlight but in the Dans le Noir ? restaurant there is no light at all!"

posted by iconomy 26 February | 11:25
I wonder if anyone keeps an eye on the room with night-vision equipment? Because I know my inner juvenile would come busting out and have me flicking peas at the folks at the next table, or something.
posted by BoringPostcards 26 February | 11:46
I'm so visually cued I sometimes have difficulty talking to people on the phone. Without seeing facial expressions I'm often at a loss. Imagine how I would feel here??
I'd probably have to go with a deaf mute friend just to be safe.
posted by Wilder 26 February | 11:57
Here's the Swiss restaurant. I remember my friend saying that the waiters were blind, and that they recite the menu orally but that you have a chance to read it first in the lobby before you are seated.
posted by Miko 26 February | 12:39
It's a facinating idea that I would personally find annoying to interact with. See also: Thai whiskey with a dead king snake steeping in it, and Story Corps.
posted by Lentrohamsanin 26 February | 13:56
I think this is a stupid idea, sorry.
posted by Specklet 26 February | 15:25
That's you told, chrismear!
posted by TheDonF 26 February | 15:37
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