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23 February 2007

Was there just an earthquake (minor!) in SF? And what's the website where I can check these things? (And if it wasn't an earthquake, then I'd like to go on record as saying I'm *so* looking forward to no longer having my living room share a wall with my neighbor's garage.)
Ah ha! Found the page. It was an earthquake.
posted by occhiblu 23 February | 19:04
Or maybe it was the aftershocks of ikkyu's manly nipple.
posted by occhiblu 23 February | 19:07
christ, ikkyu2- keep a rein on your nipple already, would you?

Felt more violent than 3.4 to me, but I'm in Berkeley and on the second floor in a stupid hippie-built office.

posted by small_ruminant 23 February | 19:16
Stupid hippies and their jelly-kneed buildings! Lily-livered cowardly buildings just shake in their boots when there's even a hint of an earthquake!

It was pretty much just a big "BOOM!" here, and I did actually assume it was my neighbor's car bumping into the shared wall.

I'm getting quicker with the "Maybe it was an earthquake" reaction, though. I feel that's a vital part of becoming a northern Californian.
posted by occhiblu 23 February | 19:19
3.4 can be pretty violent. There was one in the Oakland area about a year ago that I felt in San Ramon - about 30-45 miles away.
posted by lekvar 23 February | 19:38
We had a 4.3 I felt in Illinois back in 2004. It woke me up in the middle of the night. I heard the door from my back hallway into my kitchen rattling. I thought someone was trying to break in, but realized that the whole house was shaking. Then I went back to bed.
posted by youngergirl44 23 February | 22:39
Man, I remember that youngergirl44. I was studying for my exams and had dozed off in bed. It felt like someone was physically shaking me and I bolted out of bed completely terrified. By the time I was actually awake, the earthquake had stopped and I felt like a total ass. Wasn't until the next morning that I read about it in the newspaper. Earthquakes aren't particularly high on the list of things to worry about in Chicago.
posted by felix betachat 23 February | 23:02
What a bunch of wimps! I lived in the San Fernando Valley within spitting distance of both the 1971 San Fernando Quake and the 1994 Northridge Quake. I have stories...
posted by wendell 23 February | 23:43
Why is my nipple so manly? || I want muddgirl to rant about declawing