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22 February 2007

Three Things On Your Mind [More:]1. What am I going to eat for lunch today?
2. Britney looks hot!!!
3. So much work, so little time, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
1. I wish that thoughts of Britney Spears were wiped from everyone's minds.

2. I had two dreams last night featuring Mecha'ers. I am wondering if this is good, bad, or benign.

3. I am glad I got my crown prep yesterday, however uncomfortable it is. A good dental plan and a sound mouth are good things.
posted by danf 22 February | 10:53
1 I'd like to make $100k annually.
2 All our animals are relatively healthy and happy.
3 Beer.
posted by chewatadistance 22 February | 10:59
1. Sleep
2. Sleep
3. Stupid Allergies
posted by muddgirl 22 February | 11:09
1. out late last night terrorising downtown Denver
2. up early this morning creating database forms
3. Denver Meetup!
posted by lonefrontranger 22 February | 11:17
1. Guy. Argh.
2. Ankles: Why, since it is warm outside and I put on a pair of footless tights, do my ankles suddenly look all red and bumpy and horrible and scaly and weird? Is anyone else noticing this? Should I run over to the drugstore and buy normal tights? Am I obsessing? Do I have some kind of strange ankle disease? What if I just keep my feet under the desk forever and never leave?
3. Work, bah.
posted by mygothlaundry 22 February | 11:18
1 pm dawn - what ever happened to them?
2 michael bolton and celine dion never did a duet afaik, why is that? i said i'd get you water from the moon, but i lied. how can we be lovers if i don't know where my heart beats now?
3 friggible dramagrinager
posted by weretable and the undead chairs 22 February | 11:37
I love those cat pictures, haaaaaaaaaa.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 22 February | 11:57
1. Headache
2. Chicago meetup tonight
3. Alcohol!
posted by youngergirl44 22 February | 11:58
1. It's depressing to do badly at bridge.
2. How much work am I actually going to do today, given that I'm the only person in my lab who is physically present?
3. Facebook and myspace and networking sites in general baffle me.
posted by gaspode 22 February | 12:03
1. Essays
2. Essays
3. Essays
posted by matthewr 22 February | 12:05
1. How completely overcommitted I am.
2. How sad it is when other people let you down
3. How you just soldier on anyway
posted by Miko 22 February | 12:05
1. Why does my brand new dishwasher reek of a terrible, horrible plastic, chemical smell?
2. I need new clothes and shoes.
3. Hugs and attention.
posted by LoriFLA 22 February | 12:09
1. Georgia
2. Mama
3. Always
posted by omiewise 22 February | 12:13
1. Oh shit
2. Why did I do that
3. Oh shit
posted by cmonkey 22 February | 12:23
1. I just realized that my Mefi user number (13099) is a PRIME number
2. I am THIS CLOSE to being totally caught up on work, so that I can stop walking around with useless, counterproductive guilt all the time.
3. Hang in there, Miko!
posted by PlanetKyoto 22 February | 12:26
I feel bad that I've hurt someone's feelings.

I have to figure out what I'll do for Oscar night because my tv is still in storage.

The cabinets were finally delivered (I only found out they were coming today when the doorman said they were trying to find a parking space--the storage company couldn't get through on my landline and left messages on my cell {which I didn't get because I had the ringer turned off} instead of emailing me) and are now taking up all the free space in my kitchen. This isn't all of the stuff that needs to be replaced; the counters and sinks will have to be put in when this is done.

Can a Brit please explain tafflegoose?
posted by brujita 22 February | 12:35
1: Fridays
2: Being overdrawn
3: Needing to catch up with Uni work
posted by TheDonF 22 February | 12:38
brujita, I interpreted tafflegoose as just a nonsensical, inherently funny word. The conversation had turned to Anglo-US confusion, centred on the word fox, and the idea that Britons call foxes tafflegeese seems like a moderately-believable, mildly amusing (though of course untrue) idea. Essentially, if we did have a different word for fox, tafflegoose would be it - it just sounds *right*.

Sorry, I've explained this horribly badly, and I could easily have entirely misunderstood it - but I think cillit bang posts on MeCha from time to time so perhaps he'll see this and clarify (and perhaps mock my over-analysis...)
posted by matthewr 22 February | 12:48
1. Paul Newman
2. A ride home.
posted by jrossi4r 22 February | 12:50
1. Dinner with friends tonight
2. Wishing for more MeCha Radio during the day (EST for me)
3. I love potato chips
posted by initapplette 22 February | 12:51
- My beloved soccer team tied a key Champions League game they were supposed to win

- Two key midfield players are sidelined with injuries now

- Fuck
posted by matteo 22 February | 12:56
1. Character encoding translation
2. Full tummy
3. Two weeks and 1 day
posted by plinth 22 February | 12:59
1. What
2. the hell
3. people
posted by smich 22 February | 13:10
Thanks, matthewr...cillit bang was kidding.
posted by brujita 22 February | 13:30
1. The University of Cats
2. The Things I Find Myself Not As Interested In As I Used to Be Commemorative Stamp Collection
3. I need to buy a brush, but I think the local art supply store went out of business.
posted by interrobang 22 February | 13:35
1. Bed
2. And
3. Breakfast

(We booked an extra night and are leaving a day early!)
posted by mike9322 22 February | 14:02
Wishing for more MeCha Radio during the day

Well, it's 7pm in the UK and I'm back home. Let me have something to eat, I'll fire up the other machine and see what I can do for you. Results may be varied.
posted by TheDonF 22 February | 14:03
1. How the hell am I supposed to schedule this big frickin' urgent meeting if there is no time slot that works for everyone who's supposed to be there until mid-April?

2. Is this what I went to graduate school for? To schedule meetings??

3. DAMN bifocals. DAMN them.
posted by kat allison 22 February | 14:04
1. Paul Newman
2. A ride home.


posted by danf 22 February | 14:12
1. Work politics are weird but I'm the one in the right and I've got 3 other people backing me up.
2. Beautiful weather, yay!
3. I'm looking forward to tonight's Flickr meetup.
posted by matildaben 22 February | 14:18
1. sleepy
2. when is the work day going to be over already?
3. should i go to the gym tonight?
posted by phoenixc 22 February | 14:30

Wait, is this happening?????

::checks posting history::

OMG, she's due in early March- it could be happening!!!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 22 February | 14:51
1. This ring - which I ordered and am happily waiting for (had to have it made in my size). I cannot believe I'm this excited about a ring.
2. Bill paying.
3. Taking Lulu to get her nails clipped.
posted by fluffy battle kitten 22 February | 15:19
I didn't mean to scare anyone! I was just making an Outsiders reference.

Stay gold!
posted by jrossi4r 22 February | 15:31
OMG, fluffy battle kitten! A chihuahua ring!!! I love it!!!!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 22 February | 15:34
1. Stupid itchy bra.
2. Sock Dreams gift certificate!
3. The little kid I saw on the bus today who, when I smiled and stuck me tongue out, returned the favor and made my day.
posted by Specklet 22 February | 17:00
1. I had a dream last night that featured youngergirl44 in it (you were an artist, I saw a signed print of yours (landscape) for sale at a we-have-it-all store in my dream).
2. Odd coincidence? I got my first bunny today - from youngergirl!!!
3. Jrossi, are there plans in place to notify your mecha friends when your parasite makes it's way into this world? We should start a baby pool! Weight, length, sex... I'd say girl, 7 lbs. 10 ozs. 20 inches long. Who's next?
posted by redvixen 23 February | 19:35
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