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15 February 2007

My V-Day - reverse annonymous valentines inside - plus Boring Postcards! [More:] While y'all were loving it up, I was in Hotlanta and met up with Boring Postcards and his wonderful other. We ate barbeque and I had fried okra, a particular vice of mine!

I missed the fun here, but decided to do reverse annonymous valentine shout outs.

They are from me, but it's annonymous to who, get it? I'll never tell. If you think it's you, then it probably is.

Happy V-day.
EEEP. One is supposed to be this.

Also, I had time to log into Chrismear's cool thing, but not to play along. Thank you to those who sent the quite thoughtful and specific messages, especially Boris (signed Natasha). And thanks chrismear, looks like you guys had good fun.
posted by rainbaby 15 February | 20:24
Oh man that's funny. i had no idea you two were such cuties.
God do i miss okra.
posted by ethylene 15 February | 20:25
i miss Atlanta. It is a flight hub...
posted by ethylene 15 February | 20:27
Love BP, love rainbaby, completely jealous.

Looks like a good time was had!
posted by mike9322 15 February | 20:28
posted by chrismear 15 February | 20:30
I was all about the flying. Business trip. Made me both admire the efficiency of the Huge Airport, and appreciate my provincial low key city's way of doing things, airport-wise.
posted by rainbaby 15 February | 20:30
There's a bunnystock shout out in my flickr from the trip mike, we love you and all stockers too.
posted by rainbaby 15 February | 20:32
Hah! Happy V-Day to two of my fave MeChaNisms!
posted by jonmc 15 February | 20:33
Oh man, at least someone else understands my biggest pet peeve ever. Teh suck!
posted by mudpuppie 15 February | 21:17
Also, the fact that y'all ate fried okra makes me weep. Weep, I say. *sniff*
posted by mudpuppie 15 February | 21:18
Yay shoutout! Miss y'all!!
posted by mygothlaundry 15 February | 21:46
Lovin' the bunny network, mgl. Thanks to you.
posted by rainbaby 15 February | 21:58
posted by matildaben 16 February | 02:13
OMG, that first pic of me has a serious "deer in the headlights" vibe...

It was so great seeing rainbaby again, and I tell ya, MetaChat meetups/get-togethers are just the best...!
posted by BoringPostcards 16 February | 07:48
Rainbaby is teh hawt!! ;)
posted by eekacat 16 February | 08:01
I can't believe I'm the only person who's noticed this. || Vanity plate that made me laugh earlier today: W8N 4 GDO.