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07 February 2007

Just Hanging With My Boys (NSWF!) I don't know who Mischa Barton is and I don't know who this guy is. But my world is so much richer tonight after having seen this picture.

Use extreme caution. (Oh, and be sure to read the comments.)
I saw this somewhere the other day and was like, "PUT THOSE AWAY."

That should be marked NSFVP. (not safe for viewing, period.)
posted by fluffy battle kitten 07 February | 21:20
He's just going for a skip with his balls.
There's just something gigglingly sassy about that picture.
Maybe it's his carefree "sweatsock by my coke" stance or how he dingle dangle dingles.
posted by ethylene 07 February | 21:26
It looks like a gunnysack full of golf balls....
posted by jonmc 07 February | 21:28
For some reason I want to combine that picture with this one (no dangling balls or nudity, except soul nudity).
posted by Divine_Wino 07 February | 21:32
Wino, that one is simply cute.
posted by goodnewsfortheinsane 07 February | 21:42
Leave him because of naked pictures on the internets?

Hell, in our family, I takes the pictures.
posted by Pips 07 February | 21:46
(P.S., hacky-sac anyone?)
posted by Pips 07 February | 21:48
I'm gonna be that dude for Halloween.
posted by Hellbient 07 February | 23:31
I should so not have clicked on that at 6am and with no coffee inside me.
posted by essexjan 08 February | 01:09
At least you weren't having tea.
posted by ColdChef 08 February | 01:11
gaaa! Dude could teabag a football squad.
posted by arse_hat 08 February | 01:21
One of the guys onstage in Take Me Out had a weird looking scrotum too.
posted by brujita 08 February | 02:28
Hmmm. Other stories listed for that site:

Britney Spears has wild lesbian orgies
Britney Spears dumped by Isaac Cohen

This Isaac Cohen fellow doesn't sound very bright.
posted by deadcowdan 08 February | 08:05
Why would you break up with anyone over that? Shit, I bet he's totally getting a laugh out of everything but being broken up with.
posted by Captaintripps 08 February | 08:39
What is it with nude guys and white tube socks on the Internet? Or is it just me?
posted by danf 08 February | 10:21
thank God I didn't click coldchef's link
posted by matteo 08 February | 11:53
Couldn't stop laughing. Still. Can't. Stop.
posted by ironlizard 08 February | 13:24
For some reason I read "Mischa Barton" and my brain provided "Sasha Cohen". I was mighty confused there for a minute.

Oh, and that's really... he's... those are hanging pretty damn low. Seriously, does he hold (heft) them in his hand when he sits on the toilet?
posted by Specklet 08 February | 13:34
does he hold (heft) them in his hand when he sits on the toilet?

I see something more like one of those fishing bobbers, bobbing away merrily in the porcelain sea.
posted by jonmc 08 February | 13:52
Well, that gave me the giggles!!! The comments were great, too. And I wonder too, just what he does with them when he sits on the john.
posted by redvixen 08 February | 19:40
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