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08 January 2007

AAAH WHERE IS THE HOT META ACTION ARRGH [More:]I've passed out and had a few seizures. I keep waking up in strange places in my house drenched in sweat. I think it's withdrawls. PLEASE OH PLEASE SOMEONE DO SOMETHING STUPID OR GET OFFENDED AND FLAME OUT OR SOMETHING PLEASE my schadenfreude and sarcasm glands are withering and it hurts oh god make it go
Are you gonna pony up the $5 for me to get a new username and all if I volunteer? Or even a sockpuppet from which to build a bit of cred and then flame the fuck out? Sounds like a fun project. Then, you and languagehat and all the popcorn and beer bringers could have a party.

I thought DNAB was doing a fine bit of faking it, but then he went and apologized.

I know. It isn't as fun when it isn't for real. Hope your doing well in spite of the lack of flameouts!
posted by lilywing13 08 January | 02:40
When you do start a flame war, please call someone a malkin. Thank you.
posted by cmonkey 08 January | 02:44
I know. All this polite, reasonable adult discourse is driving me crazy too. It's been waaaaaay too long since a serious troll hit the blue & then flamed out magnificently on the gray. Isn't the world supposed to be getting more insane and tense and full of assholes? Why aren't they on Meta where they belong, going down in buckets of tar & feathers?
posted by mygothlaundry 08 January | 10:32
mygothlaundry, I have this fear that what we remember of the grey gone by—fabulous, unselfconscious flameouts, particularly—were the product of an obsolete physics. That, like some theorized Big-Bang-infant universe, the rules were just a bit different back them, the system more endothermic, irony not yet dead and resurrected.

No one wants to be the token flameout, really; and with the word "flameout" on everyone's tongue, everyone a bit too eager, shouting for it at the first whiff of blood, well—the genuine, uninflected article will be hard to come by. It will take a very special person. A sort of messiah, if you will.

Until that day, we can only pray, and wait, and sharpen our pitchfork tines.
posted by cortex 08 January | 10:56
I'd really like to help you, but since I don't have a MeFi account, there's not much I can do.
posted by Daniel Charms 08 January | 12:06
What we need is the Platonic ideal Meta thread, which doesn't involve any beloved members (I hate watching people I like, like DNAB, get all upset) or even extremely familiar ones (except bevets - a bevets flameout would be AWESOME) but instead features
* an unrepentant self linking batshitinsane guy
* who hates us all
* and wants to show us the errors of our ways
* in misspelled, grammatically incorrect
iambic pentameter.
That would ROCK.
posted by mygothlaundry 08 January | 12:37
PS. loquacious, you remember that picture you took of me with matildaben's camera? well, my grandfather loved it so much he printed it out and framed it and put it in his living room. Thanks! It made him really happy!
posted by Specklet 08 January | 13:48
I was tempted to flame out over the whole 2-week thing.

But then I didn't.

It's just so stupid!!
posted by knave 08 January | 13:56
PS. loquacious, you remember that picture you took of me

Actually, I don't remember that at all but I was pretty drunk. :) But hey! Yay! :)

I'm good at candids, though, and I strongly believe it's the way photography should be done. What I do is basically try to be as annoying as I can be with the camera and flash, and as many as 4/5 shots will come out awesome, but it's usually like 1/5.
posted by loquacious 08 January | 17:03
You're welcome.
posted by dame 08 January | 18:07
I honestly believe that this could have become the flameout for which we have all been waiting so long. But the bastards had to go and close the thread. I almost cried.

But instead, I decided to make my OMG! First Metachat Comment Evar! to whine about it.
posted by moss 08 January | 19:53
My first OMG Bunny! post || New video - Behave -