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21 December 2006

The Tears for Fears version is better. (Youtube)

There, I said it.
Better than what? (Is there a remake out?) I am so woefully out of sync with music...
posted by Doohickie 21 December | 15:07
He probably means better than the Gary Jules version from Donnie Darko. I had forgotten about this song until I heard it playing in the commercial for Gears of War - it really went well with the graphics and the feel of the ad.
posted by iconomy 21 December | 15:20
The Tears for Fears version is always better.
posted by Hugh Janus 21 December | 15:25
But the video for the Gary Jules one uses Michel Gondry video stuff... *lip trembles*
posted by drezdn 21 December | 15:32
Oh. I liked the Donnie Darko version, didn't know it went back to Tears for Fears.

And yeah, the Tears for Fears version is better. Full of 80s juiciness
posted by qvantamon 21 December | 16:22
The Gary Jules version makes me want to curl up in the fetal position and stay there until it's over, so it gets my vote.

Other songs with that effect: any version of Hallelujah, Shiver Me Timbers by Tom Waits, Verdi Cries by 10,000 Maniacs and, occasionally, America by Simon and Garfunkle. (It's the "I'm empty and aching and I DON'T KNOW WHYYYYY!!!!" part. Sometimes it hits me funny.)
posted by jrossi4r 21 December | 16:29
OMG, Verdi Cries is a gorgeous song.

As for "Mad World," like both versions but I like the Tears for Fears one a little bit more. There's no denying it was a brilliant choice to remake it for the movie, though.
posted by BoringPostcards 21 December | 16:35
OMG, jrossi, I woke up at 4:03 this morning with that line running through my head. Of course, I know exactly why, but it was definitely a 'moment' as I laid alone looking at my Christmas tree, wanting to be 2000 miles away.
posted by Frisbee Girl 21 December | 16:51
jrossi, have you heard Allison Crowe's version of Hallelujah? Here it is on her website: Link.
posted by Space Coyote 21 December | 17:26
Like iconomy, I hadn't thought of or heard Mad World in years until seeing the Gears of War ad that played before Casino Royale. God, I'd play that one track again and again and again. I need to get that album on cd (I still have it on vinyl somewhere).

Before hearing Gary Jules' version I'd have said no one could top Tears for Fears, but I really like the simpler arrangement. *quivers with indecision*
posted by deborah 21 December | 17:33
My guy says that he's not fond of the Gary Jules version (too depressing, he says), so I tend to include it in the painting mix that I enjoy through headphones. Previous discussion of the song back in November here.
posted by lilywing13 21 December | 20:05
Gary Jules? Donnie Darko? These are real people?
posted by Doohickie 21 December | 20:53
Three threads regarding the same song? I think we have a theme song, bunnies.
posted by deborah 21 December | 23:46
The Pretenders' "2000 Miles" is a great Christmas song.
posted by kirkaracha 22 December | 01:39
Gretchen: Donnie Darko? What the hell kind of name is that? It's like some sort of superhero or something.
Donnie: What makes you think I'm not?
posted by Frisbee Girl 22 December | 14:52
The same procedure as last year, Miss Sophie? || Smile