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15 December 2006

Photo Friday. This week's topic as suggested by mygothlaundry is Holiday Decorations.
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posted by eekacat 15 December | 08:21
my tree

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posted by rainbaby 15 December | 08:33
I was only going to post one, but I like this wide angle perspective shot of the wreath.

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posted by eekacat 15 December | 08:48
Here are some painted cutouts I made for the Holiday Window at Myopic Books

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posted by Mrs.Pants 15 December | 08:55
cute tree eeka!
posted by Mrs.Pants 15 December | 08:56
Ummm, the tree is rainbaby's (which only knowing her from here seems totally her), Mrs Pants. Mine are the cold sterile factory views. I guess it goes with my holiday spirit! ;)

I like your raccoons.
posted by eekacat 15 December | 09:06
We're going out of town this year for Christmas and I did all my shopping online and had all the gifts sent directly to my parents' house. So we didn't bother putting up the enormous tree that I have, since it would look kind of sad with no gifts under it. However, my daughter wanted to put up her pink Barbie tree, and I could hardly say no. The pink lights that came with it died last year so I gave her a string of the lights from the big tree. Clash city. But she loves it, as is evident from the picture. The tree was not yet fully decorated when I took this; those ornaments that she already has on it are from a Little Women ornament set from Hallmark. My mom gives her a new one every year.

Happy Winter, everyone!
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posted by mike9322 15 December | 09:10
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A Shimenawa or shimekazari is a sacred rope made of straw with Shinto (Japanese animist folkways/tradition/religion) zig-zag strips of paper. This is placed above the front entrance at New year's to prevent "evil spirits" from entering the house.
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On New Year's Eve, a pine decoration known as Kadomatsu is set up on both sides of the front entrance. Some homes have elaborate Kadomatsu with bamboo added to the pine, as well as plum branches. The Kadomatsu is thought to welcome good luck into the house.
posted by PlanetKyoto 15 December | 09:52
Heh. The Whole Set!

And from there, Mike isn't the only one with a pink tree: ≡ Click to see image ≡
and Santa's Demon Hound
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posted by mygothlaundry 15 December | 09:57
Aww, mygothlaundry, very nice! My husband and daughter want to go up to see the big house- I'd much rather see yours :)
posted by auntbunny 15 December | 10:16
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Headed west on Broadway, Astoria, new Yor, viewed from pips' car.
posted by jonmc 15 December | 10:39
Here are mine, taken on a stroll around DC earlier this week. All images link to larger versions.

The Capitol Christmas tree:

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Model trains in front of the Botanical Gardens:

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The orchid-decorated tree at the Smithsonian Castle:

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Furniture from evicted Representatives' offices (not a decoration, but cause to celebrate!):

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posted by mrmoonpie 15 December | 10:49
Oo, the model train is hawt. I need to take the boys down to see that.
posted by danostuporstar 15 December | 10:52
Weird, my link suddenly isn't working. Here it is again.
posted by mygothlaundry 15 December | 10:54
These are all SO COOL.

Mine are:

CNN Center tree, complete with Grinch:

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Lights near the doorbell:

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The house (from last year, but it looks the same this year):

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posted by BoringPostcards 15 December | 11:59
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posted by deborah 15 December | 12:19
Deborah, that's Christmas-card-worthy.
posted by BoringPostcards 15 December | 12:38
Deborah, that is just gorgeous!


I'll have to get pics of my tree up here. It's been a bit hard for us since this is the kitten's first Christmas, and she's been climbing the tree, selecting ornaments, and knocking them off. So there's a bit of a gap around the bottom of my tree.
posted by redvixen 15 December | 13:13
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Part of the view from our apartment’s kitchen-window—taken last New Year’s Eve. No sign of snow so far this year…
posted by misteraitch 15 December | 13:19
BP, mgl, and misteraitch, I'm melting into a gooey pool of ooze looking at the charming lights. That pink tinsel tree, and those fat colored lights, and the white lights strung from house to house....*melt*...
posted by iconomy 15 December | 13:59
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Our Christmas tree this year, without flash.

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With flash. Yes, that is a cat up on the left. Charlie likes to be anywhere up high. This is his current favorite perch on top of our cd holder.
posted by redvixen 15 December | 14:10
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Christmas tree tossed out in May
posted by arse_hat 15 December | 15:41
≡ Click to see image ≡

(Christmas in Fangorn)
posted by danf 15 December | 15:50
These are all so awesome! I totally want to hug your tree, danf.
posted by jrossi4r 15 December | 16:04
Thanks, bunnies! What you can't see is that the bottom foot or two is empty of ornaments thanks to a certain puppy. Oddly enough, the cats haven't been that interested except when it was first put up Oliver took a nap or two on the tree skirt.

It is a bunch of great photos. I vote for misteraitch's for best greeting card photo.
posted by deborah 15 December | 16:19
I forgot. I took this a couple of weeks ago 'cause it reminded me of Charlie Brown's Christmas tree. I swear that show is the only damn thing I like about Christmas.

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posted by eekacat 15 December | 16:22
Christmas in Fangorn. hahahahaha.
posted by weretable and the undead chairs 15 December | 16:39
Not mine- a friend's. I helped decorate it. It's alarmingly tasteful due to the loss of most of our ornaments. It is full of small ruminants though- you just can't see them in this picture. Mostly sheep.

danf- I love your tree!
posted by small_ruminant 15 December | 16:54
≡ Click to see image ≡

Our lawn flamingo, dressed for the season. We have a variety of seasonally-appropriate outfits.

Note, if you will, the disappointing lack of snow.
posted by tommasz 15 December | 19:34
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