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05 December 2006

There were vague rumblings about a festive Chicago meet-up Anyone still interested? Anyone have suggestions of when or where? The 7th or the 12th or the 19th? I'm a whiskey-drinker, so I'm never sure where beer drinkers want to go. Suggestions?
I say next Tuesday, the 12th, at Duke of Perth! They've got beer and whiskey! (And decent food!)
posted by me3dia 05 December | 13:09
oo! I like the way you think; the Duke of Perth is a fine suggestion.
posted by crush-onastick 05 December | 13:24
Man you guys know how to make a fellow feel homesick! Fish & chips followed by a glass of Talisker would hit the spot right about now. I'll be back for a visit in April and will try to convince you all to make a return trip then.
posted by felix betachat 05 December | 13:48
Definitely felix-b! I periodically remember that I'm curious to hear how it's going with you.
posted by crush-onastick 05 December | 13:52
I'll try really hard to make my library work sound interesting, but we'd best focus on the Talisker to turn out a crowd.
posted by felix betachat 05 December | 13:55
Hooray! I'm a maybe, though. Kay's singing at Daley Plaza and I might be attending that instead.
posted by eamondaly 05 December | 14:25
What time?
posted by sisterhavana 05 December | 14:35
I might go.
posted by halonine 05 December | 17:30
After-workish? 6:30? or is that not after-workish for most folks?
posted by crush-onastick 05 December | 18:17
I know where whiskey drinkers go!! Mulligan's at Roscoe and Damen. Finish a bottle of Jameson and you get to sign it. It then goes on a shelf up around the top of the bar. I have two up there. :)

Too bad I won't be here on the 7th or the 12th... I won't be back from vacation until the 18th...
posted by youngergirl44 05 December | 19:38
I also might attend.
posted by MeetMegan 06 December | 20:56
I'm not holding my breath MeetMegan.
posted by FlamingBore 07 December | 00:34
Work with me here, folks || There's a full mooooooooon!