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27 September 2006

Turbulence. So, don't ask me how, but I acquired an FAA in-flight manual for flight crew and reading it makes me want to drink beer.[More:]
Highlights included sections on how to ditch (perform an emergency landing on water) without rafts on board, on protocol for flight crew with regard to armed air marshals, and a multi-page chart of proper responses to a variety of passenger issues including sickness, drunkenness, and gunplay.

Of course, mundane items like snack and meal service and the locations of fire extinguishers on a variety of aircraft (for use fighting fires or unfriendlies) fill the manual, but the FAA security updates make for the most interesting reading.

I miss you people terribly. I wish I had more time online, but the variety of work and hours I've taken on of late has cut into my ability to post here. You people are a light unto the world.

So, anyone in the NYC metropolitan area around after work today? Maybe we can meet up, grab a drink or two, shoot some shit, have some fun... Antarctica's?

I know I'll be able to check this thread around 3, but I may not get back to it before then. Feel free to email or call me.
Haha, I just now seen the post below me. I reckon I'll be there, even though it's for that other site.
posted by Hugh Janus 27 September | 10:12
Upon further reading, I find it's for the happy couple! I love you guys! I'm sooooo there!

Please forgive my curmudgeonly dismissal of the mothership. I'm high on life and America.

Or crack. You be the judge.
posted by Hugh Janus 27 September | 10:18
the truth is hugh, we're all high on life and america and crack. all at the same time. some of us just don't know it.
posted by panoptican 27 September | 10:25
Hooray! It's Hugh!
posted by jrossi4r 27 September | 10:27
And panoptican?!?! Hiya!
*more noogies*
posted by jrossi4r 27 September | 10:30
HJ!!! You've been missed, sir (sire?)! Come partake in the death-throws that is the bacon martini...

*throws garter belt to Hugh Janus*
posted by Pips 27 September | 10:55
We're high in the cracks of america?
Is this like a ditchweed headache?
posted by ethylene 27 September | 11:16
Eeeey, chmoke dees cheet, cholo; ee'll geef you a hay-dake, moy!

So seven it is! I'll see youse there.

And a big "Ow, quit it!" to jrossi4r's noogie; hooray indeed! Salutations!

posted by Hugh Janus 27 September | 12:20
Hugh! Nice to see ya. Wish I could be hoisting many a glass with you crazy kids this evening.
posted by elizard 27 September | 12:25
Eth! Hugh!

It's me, d. wino, you know Kamiyopparai? From the old days? Small times and such? What's the rumpus?

Man, ditchweed headaches are the stone pits. I also recall the stuporous ennui and the dark circles under the eyes of ditchweed, it sure did make resident evil much more scary though. Me and this dude were once so done up on mexican brick weed that some dude had pissed on to make weight that we both fucking SCREAMED at a really scary zombie lurchout in resident evil. Granted it was three in the morning and we were in a spooky old school house that was haunted with the ghosts of old hippies, awesome times, awesome headache.

I just had a ton of noodles and japanese french fries with wasabi mayo. I'm in a mucksweat. Hurray.
posted by Divine_Wino 27 September | 12:39
Hiya Hugh!
posted by JanetLand 27 September | 13:11
Sounds good. I'm idling over what to shove in my facehole.

I missed divine and hugh, pan and jrossi, too, and i except you all will be married, moved, swollen with something or other if you're not already, so i was thinking about making another symbolic cake for everyone. This one with a rich, dark bottom layer with buried little peppermint or white chocolate bunny bones and skulls and a top layer of "funfetti", all revealed in the cutaway of this flaming bunny volcano.
The problem is my camera is still craptastic.

I'm just reading project runway blogs and cackling aloud.
I wouldn't mind us all working on the next emcee already as my contribution was kinda rushed and sucked.

and that's about all from me right now.
posted by ethylene 27 September | 13:16
Holy crap! Eth, too? *mwah!*

It's like a fabulous surprise reunion. Who's going to pop up next?
posted by jrossi4r 27 September | 13:26
posted by quonsar 27 September | 15:20
REUNION THREAD '98! or somthing... Hey.
posted by safetyfork 27 September | 15:32
big e, little e....swimming in the water.
posted by safetyfork 27 September | 15:32
NYC meetup tonight || Ask MeCha - Photoshop Question