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12 August 2006

Say Something Funny! Please I'm writing an appeals letter regarding my resignation from my previous job last February and its making me pretty upset and unhappy to dredge up alot of the miserable history and to relive what a pretty crappy time it was. [More:]And really what a pretty awful person my ex-boss was and is. Its not helped that I have a letter written by her that ably demonstrates the utter contempt she has for me (and anyone else unfortunate enough to work for her).

I'm writing a letter that she will get a copy of and an using it as a bludgeon to give her some idea of what an awful person she is. I know she'll stop reading after the first paragraph but that's okay, its going into the public record of her company and it makes me feel a little better to know that the appeals board will have this letter.

So say something funny and make me smile again.
*slips on banana peel*
posted by jonmc 12 August | 17:35
*while laughing at jonmc scrambling around on his butt, i step on a rake..Whannnnggggg!!!*
posted by redvixen 12 August | 17:38
Its a start! I'm smiling!

And I'm going to take a break and go for a walk with the family.
posted by fenriq 12 August | 17:52
I had a dream about you, fenriq! I went to a party at your house. You had no sofas, just lots of beds with finely embroidered linens. And instead of a toilet, you had a beautiful victorian dollhouse. You told me to flip open the roof and pee in the little attic, then close the roof to flush. I resisted and you explained to me that anything could be a toilet and that I had been brainwashed by The Man into believing that toilets had to look a certain way.
posted by jrossi4r 12 August | 17:54
*throws creampies around randomly, while wearing a housedress and a sombrero*
posted by jonmc 12 August | 18:11
Watch that link orthogonality posted about the toilet trained cat. Watch it right to the end. You'll LOL.
posted by essexjan 12 August | 18:22
Throw out everything you wrote and just replace it with one sentence, the sentence I last used to quit a job working for "the man": "I quit so that I could spend more time working on my Gene Rayburn impression."
posted by PlanetKyoto 12 August | 18:26
or this: "I'm resigning due to the line item budgeting the State's care of my supervisor is due to expire next month."
posted by Lipstick Thespian 12 August | 18:29
fenriq, just tell them this in your letter: "I have Tourette's, you fucking assholes!"

I mean, who couldn't sympathize?
posted by trondant 12 August | 18:41
*pees in dollhouse attic*
posted by taz 12 August | 22:41
Do you have any graphic novel recommendations? || ummmmmmmmm