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03 August 2006

This is a picture of a flying piano.
posted by Pips 03 August | 15:35
No, I don't see any wings... I'm pretty sure it's a piano.
posted by BoringPostcards 03 August | 15:38
holy crap BP, you're offically my favourite bunny now!!! not only did you invoke my Fave. Northern Exposure. Episode. EVER!!! butbutbut... you made the magic reference that's absolutely *guaranteed* to make LFR go all mooshy and giggly...

trebuchet!! WOOT!! OMFG!!!!11!!

posted by lonefrontranger 03 August | 15:38
She has a wonderful photo stream. Such prettiness!
posted by iconomy 03 August | 15:40

Is that you, Cranberry?
posted by danostuporstar 03 August | 15:42
I love that episode, too, LFR. I wouldn't mind being launched that way, when the time comes.
posted by Pips 03 August | 15:44
The piano further to the right looks like it's crowd surfing.
posted by danostuporstar 03 August | 15:45
*bows to lonefrontranger*

That was one of my all-time favorite episodes of Northern Exposure, too.

And yeah, iconomy, her pictures are great... so unusual (not always THIS unusual, but still!) and great colors.
posted by BoringPostcards 03 August | 15:46
This thread makes me want to snorfle all over everyone. I *heart* trebuchets, and Northern Exposure, and flying pianos.
posted by muddgirl 03 August | 16:09
Why yes, that is a flying piano.
posted by croctommy 03 August | 16:23
I'm not fussed over flying pianos, but I love trebuchets and (used to) love Northern Exposure.

While they title it "catapult", this add for Tooheys New is my current favourite.
posted by dg 03 August | 16:48
Lets have a meetup to build a trebuchet. They're Very Easy to make - I made on in high school.
posted by muddgirl 03 August | 19:42
muddgirl, I'm so there.

y'all need to come to Boulder. seriously. it's right about in the middle of everything :)
posted by lonefrontranger 03 August | 20:01
I didn't see the trebuchet at first and thought... that's not a flying piano - THAT'S A FALLING PIANO! In any case, it looks like the crowd is underneath the piano's flight path, and that can't be safe.
posted by wendell 03 August | 20:26
thanks for the salve. it is a nice trebuchet isn't it?
posted by Cranberry at 1:29 PM
posted by danostuporstar 03 August | 20:47
no dano, that's not me, sorry. I am just another random weirdo who loves things that fling... and things that make loud noises, and stuff that goes fast and stuff that blows up, and things that are just too goddamn big and awesome to describe without a picture.
posted by lonefrontranger 03 August | 21:07
Ok, that reminds me of ANOTHER somewhat rational fear - GIANT SAWS DROPPING ON MY CAR AS I'M DRIVING.

Thanks, lfr.
posted by muddgirl 03 August | 21:40
There's always an upright or two under free stuff on Craigslist.
posted by StickyCarpet 03 August | 22:51
Holy CRAP, lonefrontranger- that picture is awesome, freaky, and scary all at once!!
posted by BoringPostcards 03 August | 23:11
Don't worry muddgirl, it's not a saw, it's an excavator. So you'll be fine.
posted by dg 04 August | 00:52
pecans || Pssst