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03 August 2006

pecans I like to eat pecans.
I like to put pecans in chocolate chip cookies.
posted by Specklet 03 August | 15:09
Yes. Black walnuts are good too.
posted by weretable and the undead chairs 03 August | 15:18
you two are fucking nuts.
posted by Hellbient 03 August | 15:19
No, that's actually a stuffed Ewok.
posted by weretable and the undead chairs 03 August | 15:20
I love pecan waffles... about the only kind of waffle I'll eat, actually.
posted by BoringPostcards 03 August | 15:24
Ewökfukker (I think that's an actual German word)
posted by Hellbient 03 August | 15:25
Pecans are a gift from on high. So tender, so sweet, with such a delicate oily flavor. They roast well and take savory spice just as well as sweet. They are delicious eaten plain, from the hull. You can crack them in your palm -- just take two of them together and squeeze. One will crack.

My grandfather in Texas used to gather them from the trees every fall and send us a big box full, UPS. Just a cardboard box -- open it up -- a thousand pecans.

How nice that was. I miss him and I miss getting fresh pecans in the mail.
posted by Miko 03 August | 15:29
Oh, man, BP -- you just brought back some furious Waffle House memories with your mention of pecan waffles.

Butter pecan ice cream is also very good.

My grandmother used to make turtles with pecans, too -- a melted caramel, a gob of melted chocolate, and 5 pecans for the 4 legs and 1 head. She also put them into divinity and fudge.
posted by Miko 03 August | 15:30
Miko, that all sounds so wonderful...
posted by Pips 03 August | 15:33
I was always disapointed that the waffle house only has like 2 or 3 kinds of waffles. I mean fuck, it's the waffle house.
posted by court siem 03 August | 15:36
I'm with you weretable. I'm so pecan-centric that I substitute pecans for walnuts in all my recipes.

and no, ah ain't from the Souf... tho my x is from Texas...
posted by lonefrontranger 03 August | 15:41
When my partner goes home to Savannah sometimes, he'll bring home grocery bags full of pecans from his sister's yard. We're eatin' pecans in EVERYTHING for a while when that happens.
posted by BoringPostcards 03 August | 15:48
My grandmother used to send us boxes of pecans from the huge pecan tree growing in her front yard.

When the tree finally got so old and weak that it had to be cut down so it wouldn't fall over on the house...well, that was one of my first realizations that nothing lasts forever. No more pecans.
posted by croctommy 03 August | 16:27
Ah, my favourite nut. We had a pecan tree when we lived in Orange, CA. We had so many we used to bag them up in lunch bags and sell them for a dollar. And we had parrots from Mexico stop by every year for their share.
posted by deborah 04 August | 11:49
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