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09 June 2006

Think good thoughts for Whitey. [More:]
He is jaundiced with Fatty liver disorder. The vet put him on meds and IV but he needs to be force fed until and if he starts eating again. They were feeding him but he kept vomiting it back up. He was a feral cat and my girlfriend and I are they only people he has ever let touch him. The feedings were scaring him so much he made himself vomit.

Today I went in several times and did the feedings and he was fine. His bilirubin dropped from 207 to 160. Still bad but better so we are now more optimistic about his chances. His pal Kitty will not let me out of his sight now.
Oh the poor scared guy. Keep taking good care of him!
posted by PinkStainlessTail 09 June | 20:02
I'm sending you the big ball of cat juju that hovers just outside my house, afraid to cross the threshold, knowing it will just be smited.

Best of luck to Whitey (and Kitty).
posted by mudpuppie 09 June | 20:06
Oh the little darling, with his little blue bandaged leg ...
posted by essexjan 09 June | 20:14
I can see from the other pictures of him in your 'Cats' set how much weight he's lost, but hopefully now he's eating he'll get some of it back.

He looks like a great character.
posted by essexjan 09 June | 20:16
poor thing. Kitty and you will be fine.

posted by jelly 09 June | 20:24
Normally I am all about bad times for whitey, but this particular Whitey obviously needs an extra shoutout of love. Go Whitey go, you'll be back on the moon in no time.

If I ever win the mega-millions there is gonna be a Divine_Wino house for stray animals and the people who take them in, just wall to wall luxury items and piles of sashimi grade tuna.
posted by Divine_Wino 09 June | 20:29
Oh, my. I'll send good thoughts and hopes Whitey's way. This is particularly poignant to me because this is what happened to my last cat, Simone. She stopped eating, got fatty liver disease, and I couldn't afford to have her hospitalized, so I actually force-fed her three times a day with a syringe for almost six weeks. She got better, but then about six months later went downhill fast and died. Of course, she was 14.

But they say that cats can really regenerate their liver very quickly if they eat and are otherwise healthy.
posted by kmellis 09 June | 21:01
Aww, poor Whitey. I'm sending lots of good vibes his way. I hope he gets better soon.

kmellis, I'm so sorry to hear about Simone.
posted by LeeJay 09 June | 22:08
oy! he is so small... I hope he gets well soon.
posted by carmina 09 June | 23:46
posted by deborah 10 June | 13:22
Awww, poor guys! Here's to speedy healing. Our orange striper was feral, so she likes us and NO ONE else. Keep us posted!
posted by chewatadistance 10 June | 13:55
it is VERY honorable to adopt a feral cat. . .I hope that he survives and it does not cost you TOO much for this. .

vet bills are outrageous.
posted by danf 10 June | 14:23
I am so sorry about Simone kmellis, I hope Whitey can beat this. Thanks for all the good wishes from all of you.
posted by arse_hat 10 June | 19:37
Public Service Announcement. || Now I love my cats but ...