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05 June 2006

Things are looking up.... kind of.... My wife has pretty much given up on her current school, feeling that even if she wasn't let go in the recent purge, the school has a high likelihood of not opening in August (or going under soon thereafter).[More:]

She's been interviewing though and actually got an offer today! Unfortunately, it' not a great offer and she's already told them it's not what she's looking for (alternative school where she would be working 5 different courses, possibly during the same class time).

However, she has a couple other possibilities in the same district, and there are several other possibilities. She has one principal that wants there, but their only open history spot also is a softball coach and my wife doesn't know the first thing about that, but they may have the Advanced Placement History teacher retiring and the principal said if he does, the job goes to Mrs. Doohickie.

She's had a couple other nibbles as well.

Wish her luck and send positve thoughts; she's been a nervous wreck the last few days.
Oh sh!t... that was all supposed to be (More Inside) after the first link.... if taz or dodgy wants to fix that (and delete this comment), I would appreciate it.
posted by Doohickie 05 June | 21:02
Fixed, but you don't get the comment deleted. Let this public shaming be a lesson to you ;-)
posted by dg 05 June | 21:36
Meh. It's only a flesh wound.
posted by Doohickie 05 June | 21:52
So.... my wife contacted the teacher she did her student teaching under last year, and she's pretty sure there is an opening for her at that school.

Also, another school said they really, really want her, provided another teacher retires (the AP position mentioned above). Given the choice, that's the spot she wants; one of the other teachers from her imploding current school has already accepted a job there and is lobbying heavily for them to bring Mrs. Doohickie aboard. And it's pretty close to home.
posted by Doohickie 06 June | 21:15
Saw "The DaVinci Code" yesterday. || OMG, anna nicole is pregnant