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22 May 2006

Today is my birthday, but instead of having the week off, like I'd planned, I have to work all day and probably late into the night as well. So I would just like everyone to make a few sympathetic noises, pretty please.
Sympathetic, Copacetic Birthday Wishes to You, JL!
posted by danostuporstar 22 May | 08:03
Happy Birthday!

*grumbles manically at injustice of having to work on your birthday*
posted by sciurus 22 May | 08:06

(bakes cake)
posted by I Love Tacos 22 May | 08:18
*grunt, ugh, urff*

Happy Burfday, lady.
posted by jonmc 22 May | 08:37

Happy Birthday!
posted by Hugh Janus 22 May | 08:40
Happy Birthday!
posted by GeckoDundee 22 May | 08:45
Today is my birthday too. May 22 is obviously a great day for people whose names contain the word 'Jan'.

But I'm not at work. I went for a makeover at a salon today, and this evening I'm being taken out for dinner by a friend who couldn't make it to my little party yesterday.

But I'm sorry you're having to work and I hope you make up for it by treating yourself to something you really like or want.
posted by essexjan 22 May | 08:45
I'm not going back to work til Saturday night. I'll make sure to do some extra relaxing and stuff for you.

Happy Birthday, and make sure to catch up on your time off when you can!
posted by eekacat 22 May | 08:57
Happy birthday to all BD-ers! I have a cubie with a BD toady. She's workin. Her name does contain "an" but not "jan." Have fun you guys, and congratulations.
posted by rainbaby 22 May | 09:04
Aw! Honey! So sorry about about borked day. You must make up for it with a reassigned birthday day as soon as possible!

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by taz 22 May | 09:04
Happy birthday to both Jans!

EJ: makeovers are so much fun! I hope you have the best time ever!

JL: sorry you have to work but maybe it won't suck and maybe a miracle will occur that will let you out of work early.
posted by LunaticFringe 22 May | 09:42
Happy Birthday!!!

Maybe your worst work enemy will get fired today, you never know!
posted by tommasz 22 May | 09:55
Thank you all, I am basking in the sympathy! Much appreciated.

And Happy Birthday essexjan!!
posted by JanetLand 22 May | 10:21
Bappy Hirthday!

posted by Hellbient 22 May | 10:36
Happy birthday!
posted by me3dia 22 May | 10:45
Happy Birthday, JanetLand!!! Sorry you have to work. I am making a very sympathetic noise right now. It kind of sounds like "Awwwwwwwwfuckit."
posted by LeeJay 22 May | 10:47
happy happy happy birthday birthday birthday!!!!!!!!
posted by mygothlaundry 22 May | 11:01
Happy birthday, Janetland!

(try and take a make-up birthday soon, huh?)
posted by gaspode 22 May | 11:07
Work birthdays... blah.

Have a happy anyway.

(midnight cake and champaigne?)
posted by Pips 22 May | 11:12
Hoppy Burfdays!!
posted by deborah 22 May | 11:16
Woah - two birthdays today.
Happy Birthday Janetland!
posted by seanyboy 22 May | 11:24
JanetLand. bummer. But I do wish you the most happiest of happies that your birthday can be.
posted by safetyfork 22 May | 13:03
happy happy, hon!
posted by amberglow 22 May | 17:29
Not Fair!! Happy Birthday anyway!
posted by theora55 22 May | 18:21
Happy Birthday! I hope you were able to drift as much as possible while getting the crud done forcing you to work.
posted by croctommy 22 May | 20:27
Congratulations, Jimbob, you are with child! || I have returned from Nashville