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09 May 2006

That is remarkable. I landed in a strong thunderstorm coming back from Vegas. It was the worst experience I've ever had on an airplane.
posted by mike9322 09 May | 11:07
The music really makes it.
posted by arse_hat 09 May | 11:10
The music really makes it.
posted by arse_hat 09 May | 11:11
If you look really really carefully, there's one plane that goes into the storm but never leaves. And that plane that flies round and round and round in circles is so silly. The pilot must've fell asleep.
posted by flopsy 09 May | 11:13
The music really makes it.
posted by ethylene 09 May | 11:14
The music really makes it.
posted by iconomy 09 May | 11:36
The makes really music it.
posted by mullacc 09 May | 11:40
It's pretty neat, but what do you guys think of the music?
posted by Capn 09 May | 11:41
That is really nifty. I sent the link to all my friends. They liked the music a lot.
posted by theora55 09 May | 11:43
But did they think that the music really made it? Because I do.
posted by iconomy 09 May | 11:44
This thread needs music.
posted by arse_hat 09 May | 12:00
The music really makes it.
posted by omiewise 09 May | 12:05
There was music?
posted by Ethereal Bligh 09 May | 12:09
Loved it, especially when several of the planes start circling together towards the end.

Oh, and I made it to the music.
posted by LeeJay 09 May | 12:23
It really wouldn't have been the same without the music.
posted by mygothlaundry 09 May | 12:24
Looks like ketchup, mustard, and lettuce scaring ants back into their underground nest. To music, which really makes it.
posted by Feisty 09 May | 12:34
Really makes it, the music does.
posted by Hellbient 09 May | 13:31
I muted it.
posted by puke & cry 09 May | 13:57
Did anybody notice the music? I thought know...sorta made the whole thing. It really pulled the vid together.

Seeing them all run away once the nasty stuff gets right over the city is amusing.
posted by croctommy 09 May | 15:33
First I gave this video a C+, because I don't like ants or picnics. But then I turned op the volume, and thanks to the music, it's now an A-!
posted by muddgirl 09 May | 15:45
Loved it.

And the music, too.
posted by TrishaLynn 09 May | 15:54
Two thumbs up.
posted by matildaben 09 May | 16:16
I didn't like the music.

Where do the planes go that don't end up landing in Memphis?
posted by ikkyu2 09 May | 19:54
Looked like quite a few set down in Little Rock, which is probably a usual alternate. They probably put down, refueled, and went back to Memphis.

For the others, DFW, Nashville, and St. Louis. It's hard to tell, but I bet the ones you see running away were rushing out of Memphis.
posted by stilicho 09 May | 20:19
What's the music?
posted by fandango_matt 15 May | 17:51
posted by wendell 15 May | 22:33
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