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02 May 2006

So, me and Pips, and the Wino and Lola and Hugh go out for beers[More:] and the Wino leaves after a few then Lola goes and me Pips and Senor Janus go off in search of grub. On the way out I hear Joe, this old guy I know from the bar discussing his days as a medic in Vietnam. He mentioned intestines and morphine. Then we made our way to a British restaurant on Greenwich Street. I had Baked Beans On Toast with Gratewd Cheddar and an Irn-Bru. Pips had a Salad and a Ribena. Hugh Had Bangers & Mash and a Ginger Beer. we shared a Sticky Toffe Pudding with custard for desert. We were discussing an old woody woodpecker episode where woody and gabby gator are chasing eachother around the evrglades and stuffing eachother into a pressure cooker. When the pressure cooker blows Gabby gets shot into orbit and flies past a Sputniky satellite with a dog inside who says in a Russian accent 'Alligator Go Home!' which we all found hilarious. Then this British guy came over and said "I heard you talking about comets," and explained that he was astronomer and that a comet was approaching earth tommorow. We said we were discussing woody woodpecker, but thanked him for the information. I love new york. Yes I have been drinking.
That's not just NY. That's ethereal bar energy.

When I think about whether I will ever not drink, my thoughts are such: I would not miss not drinking. I can take it or leave it.

But I would really miss bars.
posted by Miko 02 May | 22:11
'Alligator Go Home!'

ha! I hadn't thought about that in 20 years!

Ever see the one where Porky Pig said "son of a bitch?"
posted by drjimmy11 02 May | 23:47
I cannot get the sound of Porky Pig saying "son of a bitch" out of my head now. Even though I have never heard him say it.
posted by essexjan 03 May | 03:04
But I would really miss bars.

My father had to quit drinking due to health/familial pressure, so he started hanging out in Dunkin Donuts. He said it really wasn't the same, although sometimes he could get a conversation going.
posted by StickyCarpet 03 May | 05:11
i wonder if the bulldog and cat in cartoons had names.
There's the "This time we didn't forget the gravy" pair and then the bulldog who rescues this green eyed kitten.

i'm still rather disappointed that i'm haven't grown up to be a cat yet.
posted by ethylene 03 May | 07:27

When I got home, there was blood all down my leg and in my sock from whacking my shin on an open cellar door right outside T & S (shouldna been open like that -- I woulda banged into it daylight sober too). But I didn't limp, dammit! I... NEVER... LIMP!
posted by Hugh Janus 03 May | 07:59
Hey -- Pee in '73! Way cool...

And, damn, Hugh, I knew that had to hurt like a motherfucker... Hope the shin's feeling better.

I'm sure Jon woulda carried ya piggy-back...
posted by Pips 03 May | 10:08
like a big hairy drunken papoose.
posted by jonmc 03 May | 10:10
i'm still rather disappointed that i'm haven't grown up to be a cat yet.

somehow this makes sense

posted by small_ruminant 03 May | 10:22
If you have a Waffle House available to you, they're as good as a bar. If you have an older waitress she's as good as a bartender for listening, if so needed.

Plug in Patsy Cline on the jukebox, and you got it made. Scattered, smothered, covered and chunked.

(Actually all the drunks go there when the bar closes, if that's helpful.)
posted by bunnyfire 03 May | 12:15
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