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26 April 2006

The victory will go to those who are capable of creating disorder without loving it. [More:]
From Guy Debord's Theses on Cultural Revolution, just published online at Bureau of Public Secrets, along with other Situationist and Lettrist stuff, etc: ...Those who want to supersede the old established order in all its aspects cannot cling to the disorder of the present, even in the sphere of culture. In culture as in other areas, it is necessary to struggle without waiting any longer for some concrete appearance of the moving order of the future. The possibility of this ever-changing new order, which is already present among us, devalues all expressions within existing cultural forms. If we are ever to arrive at authentic direct communication (in our working hypothesis of higher cultural means: the construction of situations), we must bring about the destruction of all the forms of pseudocommunication. The victory will go to those who are capable of creating disorder without loving it.

Also: Proposals for Rationally Improving
the City of Paris
--...Everyone should have free access to the prisons. They should be available as tourist destinations, with no distinction between visitors and inmates. (To spice things up, monthly lotteries might be held to see which visitor would win a real prison sentence. This would cater to those imbeciles who feel an imperative need to undergo uninteresting risks: spelunkers, for example, and everyone else whose craving for play is satisfied by such paltry pseudogames.)

Another City for Another Life

The Use of Free Time

Contribution to a Councilist
Program in Spain

May 1968 Graffiti--...Letís not change bosses, letís change life. ...

The following texts, excerpted in the book, are now translated complete:

Report of the Construction of Situations (Debord)

The Situationists and Automation (Jorn)

Gangland and Philosophy (Kotanyi)

The Adventure

The Situationists and the New Forms of Action in Politics and Art (Debord)

Ideologies, Classes, and the Domination of Nature

How Not To Understand Situationist Books

The Latest Exclusions

* * *

Other situationist texts at the same website:

The Society of the Spectacle (new translation of Debord's book)

Complete Cinematic Works (new translation of Debord's filmscripts)

Total Self-Management (chapter from a Raoul Vaneigem book)

The Power of Negative Thinking (critique of the New Left by Robert Chasse)

This would be a good place to once again point out that Hakim Bey's The Temporary Autonomous Zone is available online, direct from the author in full.
posted by loquacious 26 April | 19:29
cool--thanks loquacious : >
posted by amberglow 26 April | 22:54
posted by unknowncommand 27 April | 10:40
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