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24 April 2006

Ask MeCha: overdone brownies [More:]I asked my roommate to take the brownies I was making out of the oven when the timer rang, because I needed to get to class. He interpreted this as "turn the oven off but don't take them out". They're not burnt at all, but they're hard as a rock. Is there anything I can do to salvage them? Soak them in ice cream? Grind them up fine and use them as pie crust? Cry inconsolably?
eight's too late. oh, uh... er, never mind.
posted by quonsar 24 April | 16:48
I have no personal experience with brownies, but I personally (because I'm a boozehound) would probably heat up some berries (frozen's fine) with some sugar and liquor (tequila tends to work well with berries, as does vodka) and kinda mash that all down together and heat it till it's simmering.

Then I'd put vanilla ice cream on the brownies and pour the berries on top. The heated berries will help the ice cream melt into the brownies. The liquor will make you not really even care if this works.
posted by occhiblu 24 April | 16:49
You could send them to me... I love rock-hard brownies.
posted by selfnoise 24 April | 16:50
Could you steam them?

(large pot , a few centimeters of water, a raised platform, and a dish to hold the brownies. Heat until water is boiling, open lid, put brownies on plate, close lid, leave steaming for 5 (10?) minutes, open lid, turn off heat [turning off heat before lifting lid = condensation and soggy whatever-it-is-you're-steaming].)
posted by porpoise 24 April | 17:36
I'd go the ice cream route, myself. Put some on top, let it melt and soak some up, and you might have something edible there.

Best of luck. Seeing a pan of brownies go to waste would suck.
posted by viachicago 24 April | 17:38
If they're completely hard and don't give at all, I don't think they can be saved. I've burned brownies like that and I couldn't do anything with them. Also, a lot of the brownie will probably be charred, so you don't want to use it for pie crust. How terrible!
posted by halonine 24 April | 19:02
'nother vote in favor of rock hard brownies!
posted by chewatadistance 24 April | 19:29
Pour booze on them - cointreau is good. Something sugary, anyway. Warm the booze in a pan first if you like. mmmmmmmm.
posted by altolinguistic 25 April | 03:37
I want to hear what pieoverdone has to say.
posted by sarah connor 25 April | 08:03
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