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13 April 2006

It's the laaaast hour of work. What are you doing? And what are you not doing?[More:]I am looking at pictures on Flickr, reading Metachat, and eating Honey Roasted Peanuts. I am not doing any of the 17,000 things I could be doing, but I'll be working from home tomorrow, so I'll have pleeeenty of time then. Right? Right?
I'm fooling around on Mecha, checking out some pictures on random google searches (try it: on Google Images, enter a string of letters or numbers, and check out some random images. It gets racier if you turn SafeSearch off). I thought about picking my nose a minute ago. I reached into my desk drawer instead and retrieved a tissue for proper blowing.

I have two sheets of paper that need stapling together before I split. How ever am I going to get it done?
posted by Hugh Janus 13 April | 15:31
I'm cursing the fact that I forgot to buy drinks. I have tea, tea and more tea to choose from. After some Thai cocunut soup for dinner I'm mighty thirsty. Baby is asleep. Hubby is away, and ...ooooh wait I have ice-cream at home! YEay!
Anyone fancy hearing that covers session I did this morning again? I could start fiddling with that while I play whack-a-mole with some b*stard TB-spammer who keeps hammering my server via his korean/chinese/japanese/comcast bot-farm. Grr.
posted by dabitch 13 April | 15:32
spammers totally suck. If I could only find he b*stard I'd unleash holy hell on him/her/it.
posted by dabitch 13 April | 15:33
I am perusing MeCha. I'm filing a couple of papers, and planning the ones I'm to read on the way home. I also have to email the administrator of my program. 5 minutes of work to do in 20 minutes!
posted by gaspode 13 April | 15:35
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by Hugh Janus 13 April | 15:37
(I'm playing meca radio and stuffig myself on ice-cream wishing I could go stay a looong weekend on the Galiano islands!)
posted by dabitch 13 April | 15:41
I just bought a bottle of this, and set it in the freezer to chill for a bit. I expect the hallucinations and/or wretching to start shortly after consumption.
posted by krix 13 April | 15:51
I was outside on the porch, reading my first Jack Vance book in over a year, but then the encroaching sunlight drove me back inside.

Soon I'll be going to the used bookstore with a friend, spending a noticeable percentage of my latest unemployment check.

It's starting to feel like summer vacation around here: too hot out, nothing to do, air-conditioner on full time.
posted by interrobang 13 April | 15:57
I'm listening to dabitch's set, trying pathetically to work, and wishing I could invite dabitch for a long weekend on Galiano.
posted by elizard 13 April | 16:15
*packs ice-cream and gets ready to go*
posted by dabitch 14 April | 09:03
Who is Little Barrie imitating? || Long weekend!