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20 November 2005

Cat noises! Drive your cat nuts! Get any reaction, from pricked ear to narrowed eyes. A+++++ would disturb cat sleeping in basket again!!!1!!
I can do most of those myself. Some cats love me, some hate me.

It would probably help if I learned the language.
posted by Eideteker 20 November | 22:00
Only four cats were injured in the making of those files.
posted by mischief 20 November | 22:07
miaow #3 sounds like a crusty ol' bitch of a cat
posted by mischief 20 November | 22:12
I've read the the "miaow" sound is a sound cats don't make in the wild, but is something they evolved to communicate with us humans. I wonder if it reflects how our speech sounds to them. At any rate, supposedly they don't ever meow to each other.

posted by BoringPostcards 20 November | 22:21
At least one of the various "meows" probably means "Okay, I'll say it again e-v-e-n s-l-o-w-e-r".
posted by yhbc 20 November | 22:40
Wow, my cats freaked out when they heard the fighting sounds. Brought one of them in from two rooms away.
posted by me3dia 20 November | 22:46
Heh, I just had a cat meowing at my door. We have a lot of outdoor cats in this complex.
posted by mischief 20 November | 22:50
This actually got both of my cats to run into the room and wonder what the hell is going on.
posted by Slack-a-gogo 20 November | 23:38
Angry #1 just cost me some thigh flesh.
posted by go dog go 20 November | 23:41
posted by interrobang 20 November | 23:42
These saved me from the blind rapper...thanks! (The purrs especially.)
posted by danostuporstar 20 November | 23:46
My cats absolutely flipped out and started attacking the speakers when I played these sounds. Awesome!
posted by agropyron 21 November | 01:41
I've heard cats meow at each other. But then again, maybe they were only doing it for my observational benefit.

This is the lesser known Schrodinger's Cat theorem.
posted by loquacious 21 November | 02:07
I feel guilty now. My cat was sleeping peacefully in my office, when I played angry cat 01. He bolted up, looked around in a panic, and ran from the office to figure out where the interloper was.
posted by teece 21 November | 02:51
aaaaaaaaw.. kitten noises. *melts*
posted by dabitch 21 November | 03:11
Zero reaction from my dog. Lazy bastard.
posted by dobbs 21 November | 11:54
No reaction whatsoever from my two cats.
posted by arse_hat 21 November | 12:28
/me plays mad cat cantata.

Cats: What the fuck, what the fuck?

/me plays purring pop.

Cats: That sounds so fake.

/me plays kittens mewling opus #1.

Cats: Awwwwww.

posted by melissa may 21 November | 18:09
Anyone wanna critique a work in progress? || Mead