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20 May 2005

Puppet account roll call: Don't be shy. Admit your puppetude.
I am mathowie's baby
posted by terrapin 20 May | 15:09
I am not a puppet. I'm a Muppet™.
posted by me3dia 20 May | 15:33
i have never had a puppet account on mefi. nothing is so outrageous that quonsar won't say it.
posted by quonsar 20 May | 15:36
Even to speak of himself in the third person.
nothing is so outrageous that quonsar won't say it.


I think un.owen was really you, quonsar. Or vise versa.
posted by taz 20 May | 15:48
pft! i am way fatter.
posted by quonsar 20 May | 15:52
okay, then. That makes me feel better.

Or does it?
posted by taz 20 May | 15:58
Hey, I need dough. Quick. Please. They're gonna take my thumbs.
posted by u.n. owen redux 20 May | 16:05
i also registered as dfowler.
posted by mcgraw 20 May | 16:32
you wood doo sometihng like that you ignoranimus

i really hope snoop steps in for tha knockdown tonnight, you freek
posted by dfowler 20 May | 16:34
just not that funny.


Bad, u.n. owen redux: You didn't bring me to a new level. FAIL.

Okay, fake mcgraw,you're were kinda funny, for two minutes, until fake dfowler showed up. Trust me; This schtik really isn't as good as you think it is.

posted by taz 20 May | 16:52
sorry to let you down, taz.

the email address i registered both accounts with here is the same as the one i have used on your citrusmoon metaiku page, so i am who i say i am. but i wasn't funny today, i guess. oh well...


anyway, i think is a great idea. i'll try harder to entertain next time.
posted by mcgraw 20 May | 17:11
I just registered for the cash... no puppet, just the cash.

No cash?

Fine, I'll keep my sock... you wouldn't want it anyway, it's kinda sticky.
posted by cedar 20 May | 18:29
I used to have two puppet accounts on MeFi, but mathowie banned one and I forgot the password to the other. Like quonsar, there is no level to which I won't stoop comments-wise, so why bother?
posted by dg 20 May | 19:49
I am also yhbc. What the heck, right?

What were your other MeFi accounts, dg? I hadn't heard about them before.
posted by jiggles the handle 20 May | 19:54
dg was miguel cardoso and carlos quevedo ; >
posted by amberglow 20 May | 20:18
Actually, I quite like the sock puppet accounts on MeFi, they spice things up a litte and add to the mystery.

As long as they are used in fun and not for evil, it's all good.
posted by mathowie. 20 May | 20:20
yhbc, I had *cries pitifully*, but can't remember the other one now. They both lasted all of a week or so.
posted by dg 20 May | 20:23
that CANT be the real mathowie. can it?
posted by dhruva 21 May | 00:25
Yeah, but if taz doesn't think I'm funny, what chance do I have? It's not easy being a puppet with a name referencing a contentious ex-MeFite. I'm constitutionally unable to act, write and behave like the original u.n. owen, so I'm left solely with name recognition with which to attract attention. I was never a charming or eloquent puppet in person, and the kids in junior high used to laugh at my puppet nature. Teh NetWebs are all I have.

I really don't want money, and no one's going to take my thumbs. But I would like some caring and understanding.

And a damn carnitas burrito. Is that too much to ask?
posted by u.n. owen redux 21 May | 01:33
posted by taz 21 May | 01:48
ground floor
posted by buttes 21 May | 02:01
okay... really, I want to know who theatrical matriarch was, because we actually mailed each other a few times, but the blighter would never give up the goodies.
posted by taz 21 May | 09:19
No puppet acounts whatsoever (but I won't say I've not been tempted).
posted by Orange Swan 21 May | 11:40
i was login for a minute way back when, along with hundreds of other people
posted by amberglow 21 May | 12:40
Seriously, who was theatrical matriarch? I still go back and viddy the AlexReynolds thread from time to time, even though the images on the archived version don't work. Surreal thread, but I can't really guess who it was. Too many variables.

What theories are there? taz, who have you suspected it was?
posted by gramschmidt 21 May | 14:25
AlexReynolds is a mock puppet for "Alex Reynolds"
posted by AlexReynolds 21 May | 17:58
I won't give it away, but Theatrical Matriarch is a woman.
posted by I ATE I EAT TAPES 21 May | 18:01
Ah, so it's taz.
posted by gramschmidt 21 May | 23:03
If anyone has a local copy of the Theatrical Matriarch Seppuku MeTa post could they please send it to me or better yet post it in Metachat? Mathowie airbrushed it out of existence!
posted by mlis 21 May | 23:17
mlis, the archived version lives here. Most of the images are broken, though.

For what it's worth, I contend that keswick won at 8:28 PM on the 5th.
posted by gramschmidt 22 May | 00:52
mlis, the archived version lives here. Most of the images are broken, though.

That's not the thread mlis is referring to, honey.
posted by AlexReynolds 22 May | 01:15
That was the best thread ever. How'd I miss that? Wow. I'm going to go read it again.
posted by puddinghead 22 May | 01:51
Ah-ha, you mean the one where theatrical matriach offed itself and reemerged as a zombie. Mea culpa. History, I'm afraid.

Although that's choice puppeting, that.
posted by gramschmidt 22 May | 02:13
tape eating = useful automotive fluid in northern climes?
posted by moonbird 22 May | 12:48
on mefi: y6yby6, Mathovvie, BorisJohnson and another couple that are hilarious but I can't remember what they are.
Here: just seanyboy.
posted by seanyboy 23 May | 03:17
On MeFi? None. But on another site,, I actually posted as Jesus_Christ on the Christianity boards for a while. >; )
posted by Doohickie 26 May | 08:17
I was theatrical matriarch, but those accounts sorta got banned. Even the undead are mortal before mathowie. I think I might have a copy of the last thread somewhere (taz sent me a copy on the fateful night), but really it was the story arc -- rather than any specific details -- that was memorable (if I might be so bold). Sort of like the Star Wars movies.

(Close observers might note my egregious abuse of punctuation as a sign of veracity.)
posted by sockpuppeteer 28 May | 18:26
Will anyone clean up the Santorum on the Senate floor? || Rabbit with cider