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  • WolfDaddy has had a Real Life (tm) lately so hasn't been on the site much or doing anything on the radio, but hopes to continue VERY SOON NOW!
  • WolfDaddy has recently started a project on Radio MetaChat, where he hopes to broadcast 40 different sets of songs over an unspecified period of time. Stay tuned -- literally! He also contributes to this fine effort with his hard earned dollars. YOU SHOULD TOO!

1979, 1980, and 1981 (as of 04-Apr-2006)

  • He plays his Radio Mecha sets at random times of the day and night, and he lives in the Central time zone in the US. Just so you know. Just so you can tune in, though he usually announces when he'll be playing in a MeCha thread so you'll have foreknowledge.
  • He also has started playing longer sets at the request of certain other bunnies. Other DJ's permitting, these sets, starting with Top 40 1975, will start at 9 PM Eastern Time ... unless it's some other time, which it usually is, thus rendering most of this sentence irrelevant. Advance warning will be given. You will be told where to go and what to do. Please proceed in an orderly fashion. Not that I've seen very many fashionable orderlies.
  • There is some question as to the veracity of these Top 40 lists, so I (I'm sick of talking in the 3rd person, for now) have decided to add 5 extra songs to the set for each year's broadcast. If you have a song for a year you'd like included (we're calling them "Top 40 Extras"), please e-mail me (my e-mail address is in my Metachat profile) and I will pick 5 songs at random to add to that year's playlist. Please do NOT make requests in-thread, thank you.
  • WolfDaddy is constantly being recruited by members of Team Vag to switch to the Dark Side™. This is just one more sign that his charming nature is irresistible to all. He is also horribly allergic to bunnies in real life, which makes him sad. Thus the bunny-ness of Metachat is a saving grace, for him.
  • burp
  • thinks other people speak far more eloquently about him than he himself does. For example, see below. Thank you.

  • Likes comics, and is well regarded across the meta-universe
  • Wolfdaddy is sexy, and he likes jello wrestling.
  • Wolfdaddy is teh hot. He makes cool fractal art and posts at everything2 as well as MeFi. If he weren't a wolfdaddy, he'd be a snugglebunny.