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The lovely and multi-talented taz is one of the founders of Metachat.

She is the bunny queen. Bow to her.

Taz spelled backwards is Zat, which has deep spiritual meaning for many.

Thanks, Darling:

Thank you, mlis, for all the bounty! I'm in book heaven!

Thanks, Carmina, for "Beyond Black and "The Cairo House"! Come back soon, and we'll play more!

Thanks, oh MightyNez, for "The Secret Life of Bees" and "Cloud Atlas" - all the way from Japan!

Thanks, essexjan, for finding and sending me the impossible thing - a simple, white button-up shirt (x2!)

Thanks, mike9322, for the text of "An Introduction to the American Horror Film"!

Thank you, sweet Deborah, for "The Lovely Bones" and "To Say Nothing of the Dog". Yum!

Thanks, lovely stranger for "Fictions"!

Thanks, It's Raining Florence Henderson, for Watchmen! It's finally time for me to get graphic-novel geeky! xxoo!

Thanks, mystery giver (edited: It's Raining Florence Henderson/Randall!), for Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell!

Thanks to melissa may and sleepy_pete for His Dark Materials & The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic!

Thanks to dodgy for The Code of the Woosters!

Thanks to shane for various and sundry, including yummy William Gibson goodness!

Thank you, sweet carmina, for bringing lovely treats from the U.S., and being my meetup girl

Thank you so much, doctor_negative, for awesome favors rendered!