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Seanyboy once won second prize in a cake competition. He's been convinced that he can cook ever since.

He also tends to log in when nobody else is logged in. His Metachat experience is one of either staring dolefully at an unchanging recent comments page or logging in only to find that 20 new posts have been made and fully commented on in the time when he was away.

He likes

  • things
  • stuff

He dislikes

  • Oojamaflips
  • Wotchamacallits

He also had a belated birthday in 2005.
His infrequently updated website is at
He also uses for random things.

If you meet Seanyboy in prison, ask him to read you some Wordsworth.

ethylene never really had any romantic interests in seanyboy but feels the need to clarify this for his many many ladyfriends so they will stop asking for advice about his "special needs."