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notquitemaryann is not merely not quite a Mary Ann, but actually is a Rachel. She did want to move to San Francisco for the longest time, until it finally sunk in that she and her cat would be living off ketchup packets in the back of her Ford Focus if they were to actually attempt it. And cat doesn't like ketchup.

She is a dilettante in the style of a 19th-century bourgeois gentleman: rides, shoots, dances, wins at cards, plays various musical instruments, sings, sketches, paints questionable pictures, reads novels voraciously and classics guiltily, speaks bad French, reads decent Italian, attends the opera, scorns progress for progress' sake, takes long walks on tree-strewn hillsides. She does not fit in anywhere unless acting, but isn't too bad at it.

She doesn't know why she's here, either.