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Next time you're feeling kind of blue, go stick your nose in the armpit of an old lady. According to researchers at the Monell
Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, the armpit odor given off by elderly women can have a "mood enhancing" effect 
on those fortunate enough to be within sniffing distance. The researchers somehow recruited 300 university students to
sample the armpit bouquet of six different age and sex categories: young girls and boys, young men and women, and
men and women in their 70s. Sniffers were given gauze pads that the subjects had worn under their arms for six days and
told to breathe deeply. The point, apparently, is to establish whether or not hormones can change body odor, which in turn
might indicate an individual's aggressiveness or approachability. Young men, incidentally, exude the most unpleasant
odor. But we already knew that.

In World 1-1 of Super Netbros, there's a 1up mushroom hidden halfway between the pipe and the pit, shortly after the third Goomba.