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Loquacious, reflective, introspective oversharer.

Curious, lively, busy, ENTJ.

Musical, lyrical, spiritual, diabolical.

Batch-blended for extra smoothness.

Miko is considered to be one of the strangest specimens of the animal kingdom: a venomous, egg-laying, duck-billed mammal.

I could tell a tale of Miko. It had been a hot day, probably the hottest day in July. Well, we were all young then, so the natural thing to do was to Carouse. This wasn't like your modern day Carousing either. For example, Jimmy No Knuckles had been walking out with a young filly name of Mary. She came originally from New Hampshire, but had moved to the village by way of the Indies. We ribbed her plenty about that, but she always had a secret way about her. Anyway, with the Carousing, and Jimmy Knuckles, and the hotness of the day we decided that we needed to get together some cash. Well, them were the twenties, and the only folk who had cash were the rich types that played tennis and lived in New York. That wasn't the New York you know either. It was the old New York. Full of horseless carriages and Jazz clubs, but we didn't know that because we lived in a small place in the mid-west. Anyway, we had to get some money quickish, and there wasn't really any money to be had. Thinking Tom was stumped over that for sure, and he usually had no problem inventing plans and japes that invariably got us into trouble. Anyway, he finally hit upon a plan, and it involved dust and cows and Miko. I could go on, but that's a story for another day.

"Miko is nice, brings us cookies, and never, ever makes me share with the other kids on Bring A New Liquid to Class day."

- Bobby Quack, Miss Watermelon Sugar's Daycare, Trailerpark Mountain, NV

  • Miko's name at birth was Patsy Ann McClenny. Honest.