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Elizard...oh fairest sprite! (not really, she's incredibly tall, incredibly tough and will SO kick your ass.)

Oh winged angel sent from Heaven (with a pool cue and smouldering Marlboro)

How the lilies of the field conjure there in sunlit pasture! (as long as that pasture is near a leather bar)

Come, wondrous messenger, and bestow upon my brow the Kiss of the Muse! (or you know, Motel 6 is open until midnight and they have that bed-bounce coin-op thing you liked last time).

And she tastes like espresso-hazelnut vodka.

A sage once described elizard as "a party on heels." And like any good party, she comes complete with those one-on-one conversations of unparalleled depth in the dwindling hours that stretch until the sun is coming up.

Elizard married BitterOldPunk! Elizard married BitterOldPunk! Elizard married BitterOldPunk!